Korean dramas about students Korean dramas about students

School K-Dramas with special stories and the best students

A lot of korean dramas develop their plots in schools and have the best students in their stories, we'll suggest you the best ones

There are a lot of school dramas which you can watch, and Korea has a lot of series which happen at different academies, you'll get to know the best about its students.

K-Drama fans have a lot of stories and adventures to live throught their screens, these series are just amazing since they show different plots, characters and much more which you'll find in every production. There's a lot of creativeness and talent from South Korea.

We can enjoy a lot of stories in Korean dramas, the hardwork of writers, producers and actors is recognized all over the world since these kind of series have been becoming truly popular in different countries even if they're produced in Korea.

And the some of the best K-Dramas develop their plots in schools, adventures starred by students who are in love, have some problems, they might study hard too and there are a lot of things that tend to conquer the hearts of the audience and end up hooking them with each character and their past, origins or moments they are experiencing.

So, if you wanna watch some korean dramas which have their stories in a school, we have the best recommendations for you, so you better watch them or add them to your watchlist.

5 Korean dramas that develop their story in a school

1. To the Beautiful You

Year: 2012
Starring Minho and Sulli

This is a K-Drama about a Korean girl who lives in the US, but she gets to know a very attractive athlete, so she decides to go back to Korea so she can get to meet him in person. But as he studies in a a school for boys only, she'd have to change her plans.

To The Beautiful You | Twitter: @le_suho

'To The Beautiful You' has a pretty interesting story that you must watch. 

2. Extraordinary You

Year: 2019
Starring SF9's Rowoon and Kim Hye Yoon

On this drama we'll get to know a girl who has a strange heart disease, it seems like she won't have a long life until something happens at school, someone made her heart literally flutter and she wants to know who had this effect on her body, maybe she'll also find love.

Extraordinary You | Twitter: @hxjoxx

You'll love everything about 'Extraordinary You' and its story. 

3. Sweet Revenge

Year: 2017
Starring Kim Hyang Gi and Park Solomon

This drama is about a girl who finds an app which help students to take revenge, you'd only have to type the name of someone and later you'll have your desired vendetta. This girl will try to find the one who developed this app.

Sweet Revenge | Twitter: @MsiaKPOPfans

 Watch 'Sweet Revenge', which develops its plot in the school.

4. Best Mistake

Year: 2019
Starring Lee Eun Jae and Kang Yul

This one tells the story of different students who must fight for their ways at the school, in love, their friendships, look forward for their futures since they need to become professionals very soon.

Best Mistake | Twitter. @myday6news

Best Mistake has 3 seasons that you'd enjoy with their stories and characters. 

5. True Beauty

Year: 2020
Starring Moon Ga Young and Cha Eun Woo

This drama is about a girl who discovers the power of make-up and she changes her image and becomes the most popular girl at her school, but there's someone who'll get to know her secret.

True Beauty | Twitter: @drakorfess_

If you haven't watched 'True Beauty' yet, then what are you waiting for? 

Your watchlist can be longer, we have the best suggestions for you, like these Park Seo Joon's dramas

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