STRAY KIDS surprises STAY with the best Summer song with Time Out and its new MV

'Time Out' is the new STRAY KIDS MV that takes us on a summer adventure, what's the best thing about this music video?

STRAY KIDS has released a new MV for 'Time Out' which gives us a perfect song for the summer of STAY.

STRAY KIDS is an excellent K-Pop group that works hard on every comeback and performance for their fans. Recently the idol group was on tour and visited various countries. Their concerts began in Korea, then they reached Japan, later they took several cities in the United States.

After US, SKZ went back to Japan and they're finally home, the idol group is in Korea again and maybe they'll start working on something new. STAY knew some time ago that STRAY KIDS would have their next comeback in September, so perhaps during this month of August they will start with the preparations and recordings.

But in the meantime, there are more things that the SKZ idols are preparing for STAY and that is that the fandom has been showing all their love and support for the boy band. They continue to grow exponentially, their fandom continues to expand as well. We are happy to continue seeing the evolution of this idol group.

And STRAY KIDS today surprised STAY with a new MV, this is the song of the summer, it's about 'Time Out' which has a lot of great things that we can enjoy from the K-Pop group.

Everything we love about Time Out, the new STRAY KIDS MV which is perfect for Summer

1. The concept

This is a summer song for sure, we have them there in the beach and it's just great, we really liked the way they went with this track, it's a mixtape actually, this concept is just great.

2. The lyrics

STRAY KIDS would never deceive us! The lyrics are truly great! And we're sure that the members did a great job with this song!

So come on
Pack up, all you need is an empty mind
Let’s follow the gentle breeze, we run to
Run to
Throw away all your tangled, complicated thoughts and go
Time Out

3. The music genre

This time STRAY KIDS is going pop-rock, it was pretty cool to see Bang Chan playing the guitar, and it's just as energetic as this music genre, it's amazing! We really loved it, and we're gonna rock this song through all the summer.

4. The meaning

Do you know why STRAY KIDS released this song now? It actually has a special meaning, they're celebrating STAY Day! And we're so happy for this.

We're celebrating STAY Day | Twitter: @seungdduk

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, like Bang Chan who had a spicy Chan's Room that went viral. 

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