STRAY KIDS official and unofficial subunits songs STRAY KIDS official and unofficial subunits songs

STRAY KIDS subunit songs that every STAY should have in their playlist

STRAY KIDS has various subunits created by their members, and each has released great songs for STAY

The creativity and talent of the members of STRAY KIDS is not only limited to group songs, they also have sub-unit songs that have delighted their fans.

STRAY KIDS is a K-Pop group with very talented members dedicated to music. Each of them brings something different to the idol group and they all combine their skills very well. This is how they have created an impressive chemistry both in the studio and on stage.

There is no doubt that the success that SKZ has is only thanks to the great work of their idols who really strive to give their best in each comeback and performance. Something else to appreciate about the members of STRAY KIDS is that they can't just work as a whole as a group.

STRAY KIDS also has its own fixed subunits and others that are created to surprise STAY with a set of members that you may not have expected. Some B-Sides from this K-Pop group's albums have members that we may not have expected to combine their talents so well.

So here we have some songs from the different subunits that STRAY KIDS has for you to add to your playlist, a true STAY already has them on all platforms.

8 Songs from different subunits in STRAY KIDS that you must listen to

1. Next 2 U by 3RACHA

3RACHA is the subunit in STRAY KIDS that's made up by the rappers of the group, Bang Chan, Changbin and Han are in this one even since pre-debut and 'Next 2 U' is one of their best songs.

2. Red Lights by Hyunjin and Bang Chan

This is not a fixed subunit, it was some kind of experiment for 'NOEASY', 'Red Lights' is an amazing song performed by Hyunjin and Bang Chan mainly, it has an OT8 version but the original one is only by those two members.


DANCERACHA is the subunit of dancers in STRAY KIDS, Lee Know, Hyunjin and Felix are the ones for this unit, they have released some songs like 'Wow' which is featured in 'IN LIFE' and we really loved it.

4. Muddy Water by Han, Hyunjin, Changbin and Felix

3RACHA and DANCERACHA members joined together ofr 'Muddy Water' a really cool song from 'MANIAC', Han, Hyunjin, Changbin and Felix worked together in this track we really liked, as you can see, this isn't a fixed subunit neither.

5. My Universe by VOCALRACHA ft. Changbin

VOCALRACHA is the subunit created by the vocalists of SKZ, Seungmin and I.N are part of this one and they released 'My Universe' which also featured Changbin.

6. Up All Night by Bang Chan, Changbin, Felix and Seungmin

For SKZ:PLAYER, Bang Chan, Changbin, Felix and Seungmin released 'Up All Night' an special song with a subunit which has members from every fixed subunit in STRAY KIDS.

7. 'Cause I Like You by Changbin and Felix

We have more unofficial subunits here, Changbin and Felix worked together in 'Cause I Like You, a really cool song which we all love and needs to be on your playlist.

8. Gone Away by Han, Seungmin and I.N

This time, VOCALRACHA joined 3RACHA for a song, but this one is a ballad, that's why we love it so much, 'Gone Away' was feautred on 'NOEASY' and Han, Seungmin and I.N worled on it, an amazing album by STRAY KIDS.

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