STRAY KIDS members STRAY KIDS members

STRAY KIDS songs to make you feel like the most powerful person ever

STRAY KIDS music is perfect to gain energy. If you want to feel confident, you need to add these songs to your playlist.

Most of the hits of STRAY KIDS have powerful beats. The performances of this group are well known for their fierce dance moves. In addition, the wild raps and the insane melodies create one of the strongest acts of the Korean industry.

If you are having an important day coming and you want to feel more confident you should listen to some music of this artist. We have a list with some of their best songs. All of them have a topic in common: I know what I'm doing and I'm good at it. 

STRAY KIDS songs that will make you gain confidence

1. Thunderous

Let's start with this ode to self confidence. The lyrics began telling us that no matter what the people say, there is no way that it could affect the ego of the group.

The beat that mixes the traditional Korean percussion with  the contemporary style is insane. Just follow the attitude of the members in this music video, no one will mess with you.


STRAY KIDS members are telling you how to survive in the 'City Jungle'. The world is difficult, it will make us fall too many times.

However, we need to walk forward and accept new challenges. Let's repeat again: "Higher, I'm going to fly higher."

3. God's Menu

This amazing hit uses cooking as a metaphor to do things in your own style. You don't need to please everyone, just make the dish for your taste.

If you're having a hard time don't forget to gain confidence with Felix's rap: "Cooking like a chef. I'm a 5 star Michelin."

There are too many powerful songs by STRAY KIDS. Which one is the most helpful for you?

STRAY KIDS has been called the leader of the 4th K-Pop generation, check here how Bang Chan reacted to the title.

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