STRAY KIDS songs for STAY, this is how they show love and gratitude for the fans STRAY KIDS songs for STAY, this is how they show love and gratitude for the fans

STRAY KIDS shows its love and gratitude for STAY with these songs

STAY has been by STRAY KIDS' side since the very beginning of the band and with this songs, the members show their gratitude

STRAY KIDS has an amazing relationship with its fans and it's reflected on some of the boy band's songs that they dedicated exclusively to STAY.

Thanks to its music, STRAY KIDS is recognized all over the planet, this boy band has a lot of fans that work hard for the idols, showing their love, admiration, support and respect; a loyal proof of this are the achievements of the idol group, they became Million Sellers on their lastest comeback.

STAY keeps growing and growing, the SKZ's fandom is big and is also full of affection for this K-Pop group. The admirers are not only fascinated by the songs of this band, the personalities and charismas of the artists that form STRAY KIDS are also something charming for fans.

Like Bang Chan, who cares a lot about STAY and he keeps in touch with fans through 'Chan's Room', his weekly show on VLive where he talks to SKZ's fans and shows them his different phases, as idol, as human and even as a fan of another artists.

As a group, STRAY KIDS has showed even more love and gratitude for STAY, and the idols do it with music. These songs are specially dedicated to their fans.

STRAY KIDS wrote these 3 songs specially for STAY

1. You Can STAY

In 2019, STRAY KIDS released its album 'Clé: Levanter' in which we can find 'You Can STAY', a song specially dedicated for the fans of this idol group, showing their love and gratitude for all the support they have been receiving.

I was running hastily, you ran in step with me
And embraced me saying okay
You let me lean on your shoulder

2. #LoveSTAY

Hyunjin wrote and composed '#LoveSTAY' just to show all of his love for the fandom that has never disappointed them and showed its support even at difficult times for him and his idol group.

I will never make you lonely
You'll always be beside me
I'll cherish this happiness you gave me

3. Sunshine

In 'Clé: Levanter' we also find 'Sunshine', this song is maybe not openly dedicated to STAY, but its rythm and lyrics soothe the fans and help them when they're having a hard time, so it's like a song to show these K-Pop artists' support for their fandom.

Just chillin' and relaxing
Like you're talking to an old friend
Have a pretty good time healing until the night
Now, go where I want you to go
You don't have to worry about it anymore yeah

Now you know how big is STRAY KIDS' love for STAY, 'cause these songs are a loyal proof of the best of their relationship.

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