K-Dramas with Kang Chanhee in the cast K-Dramas with Kang Chanhee in the cast

SF9 Chani's K-Dramas to get to know everything about his work as an actor

Did you know that Chani from SF9 is also an actor? Get to know some of his works in Korean dramas that we recommend

SF9 not only has idols who are talented in music, but also amazing actors like Chani. Here we recommend some of his dramas.

SF9 is a K-Pop group with extremely dedicated and talented members, including Kang Chanhee, who has served as a singer and dancer for his idol group. He is a complete artist and not only has he shone with his talents for music. Korean television has also witnessed the skills of this artist.

Chani is also an actor and has worked in a lot of K-Dramas, since he was a child he started his acting career. This member of SF9 was born in 2000 and at the age of 9, in 2009 he participated in his first drama. 'Queen Seon Duk' was the first series in which we could see this actor.

As Chan Hee grew older, her acting career also gained more parts and roles. He would later start preparing as a trainee and debut as an idol but without neglecting his work as an actor, so we have continued to see him in many more Korean dramas.

If you still don't know about Chani's career as an actor, here we recommend some of his K-Dramas. Enjoy the great talent of this artist in some series.

5 Korean dramas in which SF9's Chani has acted

1. Jinx

Year: 2021
Starring SF9's Chani and Eun Seo

This drama is about a guy with a weird special power that feels like a curse to him, everything gets worse when he sneezes, so he'll try to get the heart of his crush despite his bad luck, will he conquer her?

Jinx | Twitter: @soyboyyoshi

Watch 'Jinx' and get to know all this adventure starred by Chani.

2. Imitation

Year: 2021
Starring Jung Ji So and Lee Jun Young

This is a musical K-Drama about the K-Pop industry, in its story we'll get to know the girl group Tea Party, an old singer called La Li Ma and a couple of boy bands who are working to achieve their dreams.

'Imitation' has a great plot and Chani is part of it.

3. Will You Leave?

Year: 2021
Starring SF9's Chani and Park Jung Yeon

On this historical drama we get to know a girl with a big dream, she wants to become a singer but in her epoch it might be difficult tu achieve this. That's when she gets to meet new people who might help her.

Will You Leave? | Twitter: @visionbeautiful

Watch 'Will You Leave?' a drama starred by Chani. 

4. Click Your Heart

Year: 2016
Starring SF9's Rowoon, SF9's Chani and Kwon Min Ah

This is a great drama, it's interactive and it was created for the public to choose their own story. You can be the protagonist of this series and select the guy whose keeping the girl during this love story.

'Click Your Heart' has an interesting plot for the public.

5. Love In Your Taste

Year: 2019
Starring SF9's Chani and Kang Min Ah

This is a short webdrama you can find on YouTube, and it's about a group of friends that share a lot of things in common. They love the same music and food and they also have a lot of adventures together.

Love In Your Taste | Twitter: @miinah320_97

Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some BL K-Dramas you can watch on Viki. 

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