Songs from SEVENTEEN's Vocal Team for you Songs from SEVENTEEN's Vocal Team for you

SEVENTEEN's Vocal Team best songs, these proof how good the group's singers are

SEVENTEEN's Vocal Team is made up of the best singers in the group, and here are our favorite songs from the subunit that you must listen to!

The 3 sub-units of SEVENTEEN are full of talent and here we will appreciate more the Vocal Team which has the best songs for you.

SEVENTEEN improved their teamwork from the beginning by dividing the entire group into different subunits according to each member's specialties. Although all the idols in this boy band are good singers, dancers and rappers, each one is stronger in one of these disciplines.

Thus, we have the SVT Vocal Team, which is made up of 5 members in the idol group. In fact, it is the subunit with the most members. The best vocalists of SEVENTEEN are in this team, they are Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan. All of them delight us with their angelic voices in each song of the group.

But in addition to the boys of the SEVENTEEN Vocal Team giving a unique stamp to each song of the idol group, they also have their own songs. Each SVT album will have a special song from each subunit and there we have found great tracks from the vocalists of the boy band.

Have you already chosen your favorite Vocal Team song? Here we have our favorites so you can add them to your playlist and continue enjoying the music of SEVENTEEN and its members.

Top 8 best SEVENTEEN Vocal Team songs to appreciate the power of its vocalists

1. 20

This was the first song that the Vocal Team officially released, '20' is on SEVENTEEN's first album called '17 Carat' released in 2015, it is a very fun ballad where the voices of the singers of the idol group stand out very well.

2. Don't Listen In Secret

For the album 'Going Seventeen' that SEVENTEEN released in 2016, the Vocal Team prepared the song 'Don't Listen In Secret', a nostalgic melody with the idols' voices full of emotion, longing and much more feelings that can be spread through of this song.

3. Habit

In the album 'AL1' that SEVENTEEN released in 2017 we find the song 'Habit' performed by the Vocal Team, this is also a ballad that reminds us of those from the 80's released by our favorite rock groups. The characteristic voices of each member of SVT just make it perfect.

4. Pinwheel

'Pinwheel' is a soft melody, Woozi was inspired by one of his dreams to write it and it would soon take shape with the beautiful voices of the other SEVENTEEN Vocal Team members.

5. Hug

SEVENTEEN's 'You Make My Dawn' is an amazing album, they released it in 2019 and for this the Vocal Team made 'Hug', a super cute and soft song that serves to comfort CARAT. The soothing voices of the SVT singers are beautiful on this track.

6. Second Life

In SEVENTEEN's 'An Ode' album we can listen to 'Second Life' by the Vocal Team, this song has a different rhythm that shows the great versatility of idols, but without leaving behind the brilliance of their voices and how talented they are.

7. Same dream, same mind, same night

We still can't get over 'Same dream, same mind, same night' a purely beautiful song, the voices of the idols here are just gorgeous and the slow pace, sounds, every range and contrast make this 'Your Choice' track so of our favorites from the Vocal Team.

8. Imperfect Love

'Attacca' has many great songs that we were able to listen to in late 2021, one of them is 'Imperfect Love', the SEVENTEEN Vocal Team's song that has a lot of feelings, a good rhythm, and the full talent of the idol group's vocalists.

Did you pick your favorite SEVENTEEN Vocal Team song? There are some others, but we couldn't put them all at the top, could we? The important thing is to enjoy the talent of the members of SVT and its sub-units as well.

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