SEVENTEEN Leader Line's 'Cheers' SEVENTEEN Leader Line's 'Cheers'

SEVENTEEN's Leader Line releases Cheers MV, what was the best about their comeback?

The three leaders of SEVENTEEN came together to release 'Cheers' and here we have all the best about their song and MV

'Cheers' is the new song of the special leader sub-unit in SEVENTEEN, this track has a wonderful MV and more that we really love, what has been the best thing about this special comeback?

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group that does an outstanding job. 13 members are part of this idol group that has achieved great success. Since its debut in 2015, the band has been growing exponentially and all thanks to the great talent of its idols who work hard on each song, performance and comeback.

There are three subunits in SVT according to the specialties of its members, Vocal, Performance and Hip-Hop Team is how the boy band is divided. Each subunit has a leader who directs and improves the work of the small team and also in general. S.Coups, Hoshi and Woozi are the leaders.

SEVENTEEN always likes to innovate, both in the industry and in their own group, and this is why there is also a special unit made up of the three leaders of the idol group. For the full album 'Teen, Age', this trio of leaders came together for their song 'Change Up' which was like the debut of this special sub-unit.

This time, SEVENTEEN's Leader Line had their expected comeback, 'Cheers' is a track that will be contained in 'Sector 17', the repackage of the full album 'Face The Sun'. 'Cheers' has a great MV and more, here we have the best of this new song.

Everything we love about SEVENTEEN's Leader Line comeback with Cheers

1. The music genre

This time, leader line slayed with trap and Hip-Hop, 'Cheers' is an amazing song in which the leaders prove that they're not only amazing singers and dancers, they're also great rappers. Even Woozi whose voice is so gmelodic and with great ranges, he can rap too! OMG, it's just amazing.

2. The lyrics

Woah! The lyrics are savage, this is like a pride thing, it tells us how SEVENTEEN built their way up even if there were those who didn't believe in them. They use to look down at SVT and now they follow them, they want to be as amazing as the idol group.

They all said we'd crash and burn
They don't know, they don't know, they don't know
I don't know how high we'll rise

3. The choreography

'Cheers' has this cool dance, and dance break we all love. We can see that the three of the leaders worked hard on this song and we're sure that Hoshi put all of his creativity for the choreography of this track.

4. The promise

Well, this is just the first of all the new songs we're gonna get to listen on 'Sector 17', and if Leader Line comeback was like this, we can't imagine how good will the new title track be, or the other new B-Side, we're sure it'll be so amazing! Can't wait for the repackage's release on July 18th.

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