SEVENTEEN's Hip-Hop Team has de best songs SEVENTEEN's Hip-Hop Team has de best songs

SEVENTEEN's Hip-Hop Team songs that you need on your playlist

SEVENTEEN has a phenomenal rap line and its Hip-Hop Team has the best songs that should be on your playlist.

SEVENTEEN rappers have a great style and the Hip-Hop team's songs prove their different facets and the great inspiration that CARAT gives them for their tracks.

SEVENTEEN is a group of 13 members who always show great power, excellent skills, and brilliant talents whenever they record in the studio or take to the stage. To improve their teamwork, the group is divided into 3 subunits according to the main specialty of each member.

One of the sub-units of SVT is the Hip-Hop Team, the idol group rappers are part of this small team. S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon are the ones who shine with their talents in this amazing subunit. The best thing is that in many SEVENTEEN albums, we can find their songs.

SEVENTEEN rappers do a great job and they don't always have the same style in all their songs, plus each one has developed a different way of rapping that makes each track have different moods, feelings and more that these artists capture to the time to write and compose each of them.

So here we have some of the best songs of the SEVENTEEN Hip-Hop Team for you to add to your playlist, most of them are full of motivation for CARAT and have the personal stamp of each of the rappers.

7 songs from the Hip-Hop Team of SEVENTEEN that should not be left out of your playlist

1. Trauma

'Trauma' is a song by SEVENTEEN's Hip-Hop Team that we can find in the album 'Teen, Age' which was released in 2017, it not only has the fast verses of the rappers, but also a quieter voice in the chorus than Minyu sings.

2. What's Good

On SEVENTEEN's 'You Make My Day' album we can listen to 'What's Good', a song full of energy and joy that puts you in a good mood as soon as it starts. A very fun song that will definitely improve your day.

3. Back It Up

SEVENTEEN's Hip-Hop Team prepared 'Back It Up' for their full album 'An Ode', this one has more party vibes, a song that will definitely make you dance with all the style of the rappers of this K-Pop group.

4. If I

In SEVENTEEN's album 'AL1' we can listen to 'If I', a song that proves that SVT's rappers are not only good with fast verses, they are also amazing singers and with softer and deeper voices that convey different emotions.

5. Un Haeng Il Chi

'Un Haeng Il Chi' is a song that SEVENTEEN's Hip-Hop Team released on one of their mixtapes, although it also has its live version for the 'Ideal Cut' concert. This track demonstrates the roughest side of rappers with a simply great flow.

6. GAM3 BO1

In the album 'Your Choice' that SEVENTEEN released in 2021, we find their song 'GAM3 BO1', which reflects Wonwoo and S.Coups' fanaticism for video games. It's a really fun track that you won't be able to stop listening to.

7. Check-In

'Check-In' is a song from SEVENTEEN's Hip-Hop Team Mixtape Vol. 12, it's a very cool, fun song, with fresh beats and lots of contrasts thanks to the different styles of the group's rappers.

Now you have all these great songs from the Hip-Hop Team of SEVENTEEN that will fill your playlist with all the style of these rappers, which of these was your favorite?

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