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SEVENTEEN's Hip-Hop Team songs that show they're great vocalists

The Hip Hop team is the rapper's sub-unit of SEVENTEEN. However, all of them can sing. Don't you believe us? You need to check these songs.

There's no doubt SEVENTEEN is a complete K-Pop group. Woozi is their own producer, the members create their own songs and choreographies. They are famous because of their dance and vocal skills. In order to point out the strongest abilities of each member the group has three subunits: Vocal team, Performance team and the Hip Hop team.

Today we are talking about the rappers, they have proven themselves as really talented writers and rappers. This time we are collecting the best vocal moments of this subunit. The remarkable feature here are the low voices but really beautiful as much as the vocal team ones.

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SEVENTEEN songs to enjoy the rappers voices

1. Lean On Me (2016)

As soon as the song starts, Wonwoo's deep voice will welcome you. It is perfect to relax, you need this track in your "to chill" playlist.

The members intercalate rap fragments with a sweet melody made with their voices. It's a perfect comfort song. Enjoy it!

2. If I (2017)

Again the members play with their raps and some catchy melodies. This time the warm voice of Mingyu will draw your attention from the beginning of the song. This is the most powerful song of the list

Recently the Hip Hop team performed a softer version of this track in their concert "Power Of Love". Both are awesome!

Before the last part of this compilation, we have some honorific mentions:

  • Trauma (2017)
  • Bittersweet (2021)

3. I Can't Run Away (2021)

For the latest SEVENTEEN album "Attacca", the Hip Hop team surprised everyone with a ballad. It is a breakup song with a beautiful message.

Despite the members in this unit being rappers, there is almost any rap for this track. We're finishing today's recommendation with this masterpiece. Please pay attention to Vernon and S.Coups falsettos, they're great singers.

What song is your favorite?

Would you rather listen to their powerful raps?

Take this test to know who would take you on a date among Hip Hop team members.

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