SEVENTEEN sub-units SEVENTEEN sub-units

SEVENTEEN special sub-units that every baby CARAT needs to know

SEVENTEEN too many sub-units. We are telling you the name of all of them.

One of the most relevant K-Pop acts of the moment is SEVENTEEN. The group just celebrated its 7th anniversary in the industry. Every project the group release comes with tons of unbelievable records.

The popularity of the 13 Idol is increasing more every single day. So, the fandom is also getting bigger, there are CARATs all over the world. If you are a new fan, then you rea in the correct place. We got you!

The official sub-units of the group are the Vocal, Performance, and Hip Hop Team. However, these talented artists love to explore new ways to make music. That's why they have been dropping music with some special sub-units.

We have for you the name of all of them. The members worked together to give us some unique tracks. The singles are so good that they even had individual promotions. Are you ready? Turn up the volume!

Special sub-units of SEVENTEEN

1. BooSeokSoon (BBS)

The most playful members of the group dropped Just Do It in 2018. The name of the unit is mixing their names: Boo Seungkwan, Seokmin -DK's real name- and SoonYoung -Hoshi's real name-.

2. Chinese Line

In 2017 THE8 and Jun released the My I, which has a Korean and Chinese version. We cannot forget that the members are two of the best dancers of SEVENTEEN.

3. American Line

Vernon was born in New Your and Joshua in Los Angeles. In 2017 the duet dropped its first track Rocket. For the album Attacca they released their second song "2 MINUS 1".

4. Wonwoo and Mingyu

Wonwoo and Mingyu are members of the Hip Hop team but their talent as vocalists is wonderful as well. In 2021 they release Bittersweet, a beautiful collab with Lee Hi.

5. SVT Leaders

The leaders of every team joined forces for the addictive track "Change Up" in 2017. S.Coups, Woozi and Hoshi will drop a new song called "CHEERS" pretty soon.

Do you want to know more about the comeback of the SVT Leaders? Here's all the information.

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