SEVENTEEN shows us a new _WORLD with Sector 17, what is the best thing about this MV?

SEVENTEEN finally made their comeback with 'Sector 17' and here's everything we love about the '_WORLD' MV

You can now listen to SEVENTEEN's 'Sector 17' and its title track is just great, with '_WORLD' we will have a new adventure with the idol group and here we have all our favorite things from this new music video.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most relevant idol groups in the K-Pop industry, today there is no album by this boy band that does not become a Million Seller since its pre-sale, CARAT's support is noticeable in each comeback of this band. It is really great to see how far they have come thanks to their effort and work.

And today we have more music from SVT as they have released a repackage of their most recent album 'Face The Sun', which has now become 'Sector 17' with 4 new songs that are very significant for the idol group. It has been a year since all the members of SEVENTEEN renewed their contract with Pledis Entertainment and will make their fans happy for a longer time.

But going back to 'S17', the title track of this repackage is '_WORLD', an amazing song that also has an MV. We also have 'Circles', a moving track that has made CARAT cry with happiness. We have 'Cheers', the comeback of SVT's Leader Line which has been revealed before. And 'Fallin' Flower' in its Korean version.

But what was the best thing about '_WORLD'? Here we have everything we love about this new MV that SEVENTEEN has released, we can't stop watching it, we can't stop listening to the other songs in 'Sector 17'.

Everything we love about SEVENTEEN's new _WORLD MV

1. The concept

It seems like SEVENTEEN found a new world on this MV and now they are at a bigger and brighter place, they're fresh, they're inviting fans to this new place where they promise to make CARAT happy. It's a great concept.

2. The music

This is a very danceable track, it's cool, kinda chill too, it reminds me of funky music, maybe disco... Somthing you can dance too with a good rythm. The music is so great, and cheerful.

3. The lyrics

Woozi, Bumzu, S.Coups, Vernon, Melanie Joy Fontana and Michel "Lindgren" Schulz were the lyric writers on '_WORLD', this song has great lyrics, very beautiful. It's a track dedicated to CARAT and it shows.

I know you'll take my hand
'Cause I know that you've been dreaming
Like a deja vu of heaven
Meet up, let's start your interview
I can give you everything you want
Down to your darkest sides
Come come into my world

4. The fanchant

As in every comeback, SEVENTEEN has a fanchant for the title track of each album so, here we have the one for '_WORLD' in which the idols give us some sing lessons with those long 'down' or 'vu' <3.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its comeback, here we tell you more about the meaning behind 'Sector 17'

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