SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing

SEVENTEEN released Darl+ing, this is everything we love about the MV

SEVENTEEN released its first English single, 'Darl+ing' has a beautiful MV and here's everything we love about it

SEVENTEEN's 'Darl+ing' is out now! What's the best about the group's first English single? Here's all we loved about its new music video.

SEVENTEEN is a great K-Pop group which has been innovating in a lot of fields in music and for its fandom too. They're always searching  a new way to release songs, MVs and more in a creative way. And that's why we get to liste to a lot of songs from the idol group in different languages.

SVT has songs in Japanese and Chinese in addition to Korean. And the idol group's American Line has also been in charge of making the best songs in English. Although they have been as sub-units, SEVENTEEN had not released an English single until now.

'Darl+ing' is SEVENTEEN's new song that stands for their first English single as OT13, the full lineup sang this amazing track that Woozi worked on, as he always does with SVT songs. There is much that we could appreciate in this new song of the idol group.

So here we tell you everything we love about this new MV, 'Darl+ing' came to be a great SEVENTEEN song that CARAT is already showing all their love to.

4 things we love about SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing MV, this is their first English single

1. The instrumental song

The instrumental part is very soft and cute, with different rhythms, even a strong guitar almost at the end of the track, the acoustic guitar stands out throughout the song without surpassing the melodic voices of the idols.

2. The concept

The concept of 'Darl+ing' is just wonderful, very warm and beautiful to look at, it has great art and various settings that are really a visual treat. Very on point for this song.

Darl+ing | Twitter: @mylittlestars17

3. The Lyrics

The lyrics of 'Darl+ing' are witty and sweet, with parts full of love, and the way SEVENTEEN's singers perform it is full of feelings, it can even be soothing for CARAT.

Darling with me under the sun

I know that you’re my one

4. The references

In the 'Darl+ing' MV we could find some references to Peter Pan, did you find them? You don't have to be very observant, and we could see these scenarios from the teaser for this music video.

Darl+ing references to Peter Pan | Twitter: @hansollieee

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Hoshi, who inspired MONSTA X's Hyungwon with 'Spider'. 

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