SEVENTEEN's _WORLD performance SEVENTEEN's _WORLD performance

SEVENTEEN presented the performance of _WORLD for the first time and we all loved it

Once again, SEVENTEEN impressed the world with their new choreography, what's the best thing about the '_WORLD' performance?

SEVENTEEN had their first comeback show on M! Countdown, have you seen the performance of '_WORLD' yet? We love everything about its choreography.

SEVENTEEN is an excellent K-Pop group, one of the most important and relevant in the industry right now. With each comeback they do not stop growing and surprising all their fans. In this year they have already had 2 comebacks. The first was with 'Face The Sun', a full length album that brought us great songs.

But since 'FTS' wasn't enough, SVT decided to release a repackage of this album and now call it 'Sector 17', use different concepts and add a total of 3 new songs and 1 Korean reversion. That's how they now had another comeback and gave CARAT more music to enjoy.

The title track of 'S17' is '_WORLD', a great song, danceable and with excellent lyrics. This track also has a music video that fans have not stopped streaming. But we still had more to see of this song and we would finally see the idols of SEVENTEEN back on stage.

SEVENTEEN had their first performance of '_WORLD' and here we tell you everything we liked about this idol group's new choreography. The performance was on the Mnet show M! Coundown.

The best of SEVENTEEN's _WORLD first performance on M! count down

1. The choreography

Aw! CARAT thinks that this choreography is truly cute, they dance well and lightly. Of course it isn't an easy choreography but they do it sooo well, watch the full performance right now.

2. The formations

This is a part of the choreography, the different formations that SVT has in this performance are really good. They're fun to watch and also very synchronized. SEVENTEEN always has a lot of creativity for their choreos.

Formations in _WORLD performance | Twitter: @miwon17_

3. The subunits easter egg

In one of the parts of the performance of '_WORLD' the formation is actually by subunits, did you noticed this easter egg? LOL. Vocal Team together, Performance Team together and Hip-Hop Team too!

Formation by subunits | Youtube: Mnet K-POP

4. The ending fairies

We love the endings in performances, they always show the beautiful visuals of our favorite idols and this time it was Mingyu, Dino, DK, Joshua, Jun and Vernon in the ending fairy.

Ending fairies | Twitter: @min9yu_tttop

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN here we tell you everything about the success of Sector 17.

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