SEVENTEEN's members solo songs SEVENTEEN's members solo songs

SEVENTEEN members solo songs that should be on CARAT's playlist

Some of the SEVENTEEN members have released solo songs, here are our favorite ones

The members of SEVENTEEN are amazingly talented idols and they not only prove their talents together, they have also done it as solo artists with these songs.

SEVENTEEN is a very cool and amazing K-Pop group, it is full of talent thanks to all the musical abilities of its members. Although each idol in this boy band specializes in either singing, dancing, or rapping, the truth is that all of them are good at everything and created a perfect team.

Since SVT's debut, the members have given their all for their music and performances. They have an amazing synchronization despite being 13 people, they also combine their talents, skills very well and we can even say that their personalities complement each other in a certain way.

Far from just being a K-Pop group, SVT is now also a big family. Their success as a whole has been great, we cannot imagine the group without one of its 13 members. They all shine within the group, although some of them have also done so as soloists.

So here we have some of our favorite songs by the members of SEVENTEEN as solo artists, enjoy their solo songs in which they exploit their talents even more.

8 Songs by SEVENTEEN members as solo artists to enjoy their talents more

1. Dream by Jeonghan

In 2021, Jeonghan released 'Dream', a song in Korean and Japanese in which we can enjoy the angelic voice of this amazing singer with a beautiful acustic guitar in the background.

2. Silent Boarding Gate by Jun

Jun released 'Silent Boarding Gate' in 2021, a cute ballad in which we can listen to the singer's unique voice. He's amazing, he won't just be great in singing, he's also an amazing performer and actor. This song is in Chinese since he's from China.

3. Spider by Hoshi

Our tiger Hoshi has released more than one song as a soloist but we all loved 'Spider', this one was released on 2021 and it has such a cool coreography too, we all loved this digital single.

4. Ruby by Woozi

SEVENTEEN's producer, Woozi is the mastermind behind a lot of songs and we could get a solo mixtape from him in this 2022, 'Ruby' is an English song with a unique style that only Lee Jihoon could pull.

5. You're My Christmas by DK

We love the voice that DK has, it's pretty amazing and it gives SEVENTEEN's song something very special. He has released some solo songs and OSTs for dramas, but for 2021 Christmas, he released 'You're My Christmas'.

6. Side By Side by THE8

THE8 is the member of SEVENTEEN with more songs as a solo artist, and we loved 'Side By Side' which a song in Korean and Chinese with a very cool coreography and rythm. He almost always releases his songs in both languages.

7. Kind of Love by Seungkwan

This solo song by Seungkwan was a part of the OST for the drama 'Mother' this idol's voice is just mesmerizing and we loved how it shines in 'Kind Of Love'.

8. Bands Boy by Vernon

Vernon is such an amazing rapper and he has some songs as a soloist, the most recent one is 'Bands Boys' which he released in 2021, and it has all of his talent as a fast rapper with a unique style and as a songwriter too.

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