SEVENTEEN book recommendations SEVENTEEN book recommendations

SEVENTEEN members recommend the best books for CARAT, have you read them yet?

If you like to read as much as Wonwoo, then here are some books recommended by the members of SEVENTEEN

CARAT may also be as passionate about reading as the members of SEVENTEEN who recommended some books you should read.

SEVENTEEN is a great K-Pop group with extremely talented members, all of them give their best in each song and performance to continue demonstrating their power and completely delight all their fans. They are very dedicated and professional when it comes to working.

But SVT idols also have many other characteristics that we can admire, they have great personalities and brilliant charisma. Each one is unique and different, definitely, they all have different hobbies, passions, stories and others that show us more of their individuality and true personality.

Among the members of SEVENTEEN we can find some who in their free time enjoy reading, cultivating their minds or entertaining themselves through literature. Especially Wonwoo who has shared his passion for reading a lot of times with CARAT. And fans who enjoy this same art.

So if you like to read, here we have some books that the members of SEVENTEEN have recommended, choose one and maybe it will become your favorite.

5 books recommended by SEVENTEEN members for CARAT

1. As You Like It by William Shakespeare

This is a book recommendation by Wonwoo, he actually recommends a lot of Shakespeare's books, but 'As You Like It' is a great one, is a mature and worked comedy about Oliverio who must take charge and take care of his brother after the death of his father.

Wonwoo recommends this book | Twitter: @skipper1penguin

2. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

THE8 recommended 'The Kite Runner' by Khaled Hosseini, this book is about Amir and his friend Hassan both live in Afghanistan and the former wants to win a kite competition even if it means the end of their friendship. This book has much of the ancient traditions of the country where both children live.

THE8's book recommendation | Twitter: @Hoshified17

3. Being Comfortable without Effort by Kim Soohyun

This book was recommended by S.Coups, 'Being Comfortable without Effort' will help you with your relationships with others when you put self-love first, it has some keys to achieve it.

S.Coups recommends this book | Twitter: @journey_88717

4. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

This is a fantasy novel about which takes place in the fictional country of Orïsha where there are some magical beings and other ones without magic. 'Children of Blood and Bone' was recommended by Vernon.

Vernon's book recommendation | Twitter: @chwething

5. The Courage To Be Happy by Ichiro Kishimi

Seungkwan recommended this book in which the authors give all of their wisdom to the readers in order to advice them about the use psychology to find happinness, so ypou can read 'The Courage To Be Happy'.

Seungkwan recommends this book to you | Twitter: @BSKFILES

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members like S.Coups who might release his solo mixtape soon. 

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