SEVENTEEN had a lot of fun at HANABI, what's the best of their Japanese fanmeeting?

SEVENTEEN traveled to Japan to meet J-CARAT at HANABI, what were the highlights of their fanmeeting?

After the long wait, SEVENTEEN was able to meet their international fans once again, and in Japan, the idol group's fanmeeting 'HANABI' had many unforgettable moments.

Despite the pandemic, SEVENTEEN continued to work, releasing albums for their fans, holding performances, participating in music shows, festivals, award shows, and even holding their own online concerts for fans around the world to watch.

But now that in-person events have resumed, SVT has taken the opportunity to have fanmeetings and watch CARAT once again. In the month of March, the idol group performed 3 dates in a row in Korea to share time with their fans. The third of these dates was also streamed online for his fans around the world.

This time, SEVENTEEN traveled to Japan for their second fanmeeting of the year, the idol group performed at Saitama Super Arena before an audience of 30,000 people per day for two dates. This time, the second date was also broadcast online for CARAT from all over the planet.

What was the best thing about HANABI? This happened at the Japanese fanmeeting of SEVENTEEN where we could see the idols once again on stage and in front of their precious CARATs.

SEVENTEEN's top 6 moments in HANABI, what happened at their Japanese fanmeeting?

1. Wonwoo's comeback

Wonwoo hadn't been promoting with SEVENTEEN for a while, but this was his comeback and CARAT and the members welcomed him with open arms. It was amazing for his fans to see him smile again and we know that although it is a great effort for him, he gave his best and made HANABI something very special.

2. The games

In fanmeetings, in addition to having the best performances, there are also games that entertain fans during the event. This time SEVENTEEN had games to choose situations and another more dynamic one where they took turns to discover a secret message. It was fun!

3. Darl+ing OT13 performance

As said before, Wonwoo hadn't been promoting with SEVENTEEN, so the 'Darl+ing' performance was with fewer members, until now that Wonu was back, CARAT had OT13 of this performance.

4. Ocean wave

CARAT's presence was very important for this concert, so the idols made their fans make an ocean wave of 30k people, of course, and it was amazing to see those lighsticks shine in the big sea.

5. Snapshoot

'Snapshoot' in its Japanese version was SEVENTEEN's longest encore in HANABI, a time in which CARAT and the idols thoroughly enjoyed impromptu dancing and singing over and over again.

6. Next SEVENTEEN's tour

It seems that SEVENTEEN will soon have a Dome Tour in Japan, one had previously been planned but was canceled due to the pandemic. Throughout HANABI, the idol group gave spoilers about this tour of the country and it only remains to be confirmed so that J-CARAT can have great concerts.

What a thrill! We will have more of SEVENTEEN in the future, right? It will be phenomenal, we can't wait for all the surprises they have, maybe after their Dome Tour in Japan there will be dates for many more places in the world and they will reach more countries like USA, UK, Thailand, Mexico, Philippines, India, France.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members like Wonwoo, who had many other dreams before actually becoming an idol. 

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