SEVENTEEN in HOT from Face The Sun SEVENTEEN in HOT from Face The Sun

SEVENTEEN faces the sun with HOT, what's the best thing about this new MV?

SEVENTEEN had their awaited comeback with 'Face The Sun' and the title track is literally 'HOT', what did we like the most about their MV?

SEVENTEEN has already started their 'Face The Sun' era and their title track 'HOT' has a new music video that has enchanted all of CARATLAND and here we tell you everything we love about SVT's comeback.

SEVENTEEN is one of the biggest groups in the K-Pop industry right now. The great work and dedication of its 13 members has great results in each comeback and the boy band grows with each new album it releases. We saw it with 'Attacca', his previous mini album released in November 2021.

But this time 'Face The Sun' is SVT's new full lenght album, in this one we find only OT13 songs, this means that it didn't have sub-unit tracks. But this only allows us to see the variety of talents of the idol group and more of the adaptability of its members to different musical genres. 'Don Quixote', 'Ash', 'March' and 'Domino' are some of the songs we hear on this album.

But its title track is 'HOT', a song of which we had already had various previews. Especially since this new SEVENTEEN track has a very cool music video that we have already been able to see since the album was released last night to the whole world and early in South Korea.

What's the best thing about 'HOT'? Here we have everything we liked about its MV, SEVENTEEN once again proves the great power of him with this amazing song and music video.

Everything we love about SEVENTEEN's HOT, this is the best part of their MV

1. The concept

This time SEVENTEEN tried a concept of cowboys but Mad Max, but metalheads, idk, I think it's pretty cool. Kinda dark and that's amazing, sincerily. We really loved the outfits and scenerios they used in this MV.

2. The beats

'HOT' has a lot of beats and things that are pretty catchy, like that siren we keep listening too in the rythm. It's also very Hip-Hopish, even we can hear some kind of trap there I can say. An it has also these wild west sounds too, but they all match perfectly.

3. The lyrics

The lyrics of 'HOT' are full of bravery, of an internal willing that we can notice in the idols of SEVENTEEN, something fierce and strong that we really liked, it's just great and it goes perfectly with the concept.

Drive Away Through The Desert Waves
I Don't Want, Uhh! One More Chance
This Moment, I'm Going All In
Shadow Cast With My Back
To The Sun Turns To Light Again
yeah! Heart Set On Fire, No Lie, We Sure

4. The performance

SEVENTEEN had its first performance in front of CARAT in the music show 'Music Bank', and it was of course 'HOT'. The coreography is truly amazing and yep, hot indeed, we loved it.

SEVENTEEN performed 'Darl+ing' too in Music Bank and it was great, we loved it too! We loved  everything about this comeback, it was just amazing.

Keep listening more SEVENTEEN songs, here we have some Chinese ones from the Chine Line and another surprise. 

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