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SEVENTEEN English songs you need to listen before their comeback

Seventeen is releasing their first English single 'Darl+ing'. But, did you know they already have some tracks in this language?

SEVENTEEN music is characterized for being pure quality. The band is always looking for new ideas to show to their public. No matter if it's a ballad or a playful song, the 13th members make sure to present a well-produced song and an hipnotic performance.

As you may know, SEVENTEEN is a multicultural agrupation with Korean, Chinesse and Americans members. Now, the group is taking another new road. On April 15th the K-Pop singers will relase their first English single 'Darl+ing'.

So, did you know they already have some tracks in English? We show you those great songs to enjoy while we wait for the guys.

3 English SEVENTEEN songs to check


In the digital version of their latest album "Attacca" the final track is interpreted by Joshua and Vernon. The two of them are native English speakers. It can't be a SEVENTEEN song if they don't take part on the creation: the two Idols participated in the writing process 

The song remind us to the pop-punk music of the early 2000. Joshua's sweet voice and Vernon's deep pitch work pretty well together. Listen this cool duet.

2. Ruby - WOOZI

The self-produced title that SEVENTEEN possesses is, in big part, thanks to the producer of the band: WOOZI, he is the talented musician behind their music.

For "Ruby", the Vocal Team leader, is showing his most charismatic side. It's a powerful song that makes WOOZI's voice shine. If you weren't sure about how talented he is, don't worry, here he is giving you a guitar solo to take your doubts down.

The pop-rock song music video is a whole fashion show. Check it here. Sh*t, This is red too!

3. ROCKET (English Ver)

The first time we could enjoy of Vernon-Joshua couple music was in 2017. For the Album "Teen Age", those Idols decided to have a special song mixing words in Korean and English.

"ROCKET" is a playful song that can get your mood better. It's an invitation to have a good time, just follow SEVENTEEN's instructions: Put the phone away, build a rocket and fly with the guys. Would you join them?

Among all these songs, Which one is your favorite?
Did you know them?

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