You need to watch Rose Mansion as soon as it's premiered You need to watch Rose Mansion as soon as it's premiered

Rose Mansion is a new thriller K-Drama you'll love to watch and here's why

Rose Mansion, a new Korean drama with an exciting plot, is coming soon and here's why you should watch it

Very soon we will be able to have a new story full of mystery as the thriller 'Rose Mansion' is about to be released, why you must watch this new K-Drama?

Korean drama fans still have many more productions to enjoy in the future. And it is that not only can they see the series that have already been released before, but there are more and more new dramas that they can find as they are released.

Every year we can enjoy more and more K-Dramas that writers and directors make with their great creativity. Where we find more of the talent of our favorite actors and actresses or meet new talents of young Korean actors who start their path in acting.

In May 2022 we will have many new dramas, one of them will be Rose Mansion. This series will be full of mystery, it is a thriller that has caused great emotion in the public with its teasers and more spoilers showing the world what TVING will broadcast every Friday.

Why you should watch 'Rose Mansion'? Well, here we have all the reasons not to miss the next premiere of this K-Drama that you will surely end up loving for its interesting plot.

Reasons to watch Rose Mansion, a new thriller K-Drama

1. The plot

Rose Mansion will have a very interesting plot, since it will take place in an apartment that is being rebuilt, someone disappeared in this place and her sister will do an exhaustive search to find her, suspecting her neighbors and more will find the truth about what happened.

Rose Mansion has a great plot | Twitter: @korean_list

2. The cast

In the main cast of Rose Mansion we find Im Ji Yun who has participated in dramas like 'The Magic', Yoon Kyun Sang who worked in 'Class of Lies' and 'Doubtful Victory'. And also Son Byung Ho whom we saw in 'Secret Royal Inspector', 'The Good Detective', among many others.

Rose Mansion's cast | Twitter: @ini_kpop

3. The dark story

'Rose Mansion' will have a dark story and it is in the trailer of this upcoming Korean drama that we can see a little more about the investigation and mystery surrounding the plot of this K-Drama, which makes it more interesting.

4. When will Rose Mansion be premiered?

The premiere date of Rose Mansion is next May 13, 2022, there are only a few more days left to see the first episode of this drama and enjoy its complete story, do you have everything ready to see it?

Rose Mansion will premiere soon | Twitter: @daily_k_drama

You already have many reasons to watch 'Rose Mansion' so don't miss this amazing K-Drama at its premiere.

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