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Romantic-comedy K-Dramas with Im Soo Hyang that will make you laugh for hours

Are you looking for a funny K-Drama? Im Soo Hyang will make you laugh for hours with this series.

There are a few actresses that were born to work in certain types of shows. Today we are talking about Im Soo Hyang's awesome talent for the comedy K-Dramas. She always chooses the greatest projects.

Let us get this straight, she is a versatile actress that can play any kind of role. However, her rom-com shows are hilarious. Here you will find fun dramas to watch in your free time. These stories are super funny.

Im Soo Hyang debuted in 2009 with a minor role in the Korean film "4th Period Mystery". Just two years later she got her first female role in the historical show "New Tales of Gisaeng". Her brilliant perforce was acclaimed by the critics.

Nowadays she is a superstar with millions of fanatics all over the world. The global public loves to watch her in comedies. Her charisma is perfect for the genre. Let's check the best ones of her career.

The best Comedy K-Dramas with Im Soo Hyang

1. Gangnam Beauty (2018)

For this super famous drama, she played the role of Kim Mi Rae. She is an insecure girl who decides to get plastic surgery before starting her days at the university. Her life will change thanks to her friends.

'Gangnam Beauty' poster / Twitter @jinlyricist

2. Lovers in Bloom (2017)

We'll watch the love story between Moo Gong Hwa and Cha Tae Ji (Do Ji Han). They are passionate police officers. It is a lovely K-Drama that you need to watch.

'Lovers in Bloom' poster / Twitter @TheHawlerian

3. I Do, I Do (2012)

Im Soo Hyang took the role of Yeom Na Ri, the daughter of a rich family. She is the rival of the protagonist Hwang Ji Ahn, the character played by Kim SunA

Im Soo Hyang for 'I Do, I Do' / Twitter @amari_singapore

4. Woori the Virgin (2022)

Oh Woo Ri is a woman that made a purity promise. So, she will be a virgin until marriage. However, there is a mistake at her clinic and she ends up getting pregnant. Her life changes immediately. The story is hilarious.

'Woori the Virgin' poster / Twitter @myasianmadness

All these stories sound great, right?

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