We have the best Romantic K-Dramas for you We have the best Romantic K-Dramas for you

Romantic K-Dramas that will make you fall in love with their stories

There are some Korean dramas full of love and romance that you need to watch

You'll love this romantic K-Dramas, their stories and main characters are just amazing, and the butterflies in your stomatch will flutter with these series.

K-Drama fans enjoy a lot from these series and the best thing is that this kind of productions, tend to tell us different stories, they have amazing plots, characters and adventures for the audience. But maybe those about romance are the favorite ones.

And it's because of their beautiful stories, where we can follow great characters who will fall in love for someone else and their romantic odyssey. Fans love good endings and definitely seeing the main couple in a series end up together forever is one of the best endings for our favorite Korean dramas.

The audience always enjoys of a story full of romance, and even if it's kinda cheesy, who has not dreamed of having a love as cute, tender or passionate as in dramas? In addition, the performance of many stars fills the fans even more with emotion.

So if you want to enjoy some love stories in Korean dramas, here we suggest you some amazing and romantic plots that will end up charming you and you'll be falling in love.

5 romantic K-Dramas that will make your heart flutter

1. Devilish Joy

Year: 2018
Starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon

This drama tells the story of a popular actrees who gets to meet the love of her life during one of her travels, but then her career is destroyed since she's accused of a crime that caused her to lose everything even the guy who she fell in love with.

Devilish Joy | Twitter: @theseoulstory

Even if it sounds tragic at the beginning, 'Devilish Joy' will give you a love story, so you better watch it. 

2. A Love So Beautiful

Year: 2020
Starring: Kim Yo Han and So Joo Yeon

You'll get to know Shin Sol Yi on this K-Drama, she's in love with one of her classmates, and even if he looks like someone cold, he's actually full of love and has a warmth heart. Will he reciprocate her love?

A Love So Beautiful | Twitter: @jyvipft

You need to watch 'A Love So Beautiful' with one of the best romantic plots ever. 

3. Something In The Rain

Year: 2018
Starring Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In

This one tells the story of a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend, she's 35 years old and she thinks that it might be hard for her to find love, but everything changes when her best friend's brother goes back to town.

Something In The Rain | Twitter: @parknoajimin

'Something In The Rain' has a lovely story that you must watch. 

4. Crash Landing On You

Year: 2019
Starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

This is a drama that has become a classic, it's about a rick south korean girl who travels to North Korea and then she can't scape, but she will find she will find refuge and also love, how does their romance develop?

Crash Landing On You | Twitter: @kdramarchive

I'm sure you'll enjoy 'Crash Landing On You' with its amazing story. 

5. While You Were Sleeping

Year: 2017
Starring Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy

On this K-Drama we'll get to know a girl who has these precognitive dreams about the death of other people, even if she doesn't know when will their decease occur. But everything changes when she meets someone who gets to dream its own predictions too.

While You Were Sleeping | Twitter: @sohyunsshi

You'll love 'While You Were Sleeping', so please, watch it and fill your life with love.

Keep watching more K-Dramas, we have some that develop their plots in schools, they have the best students. 

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