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Romantic Japanese dramas that will sweeten you with their love

A lot of Japanese dramas are full of romance, here we recommend some of them

If you love romance then these J-Dramas are perfect for you as their stories are full of sweetness so you must watch them.

We can enjoy Japanese entertainment a lot, because this Asian country has made the best anime, video games, and also dramas. The talent and creativity of many screenwriters, artists and directors is reflected in each production launched by the country.

And if we delve into his J-Dramas we will find much more than we can enjoy. Fans of Asian series always have plenty of options to watch in each of these productions. The Japanese screen has reached the whole world thanks to the popularization of its dramas.

The best thing is that Japanese dramas are not limited to having only one plot or type. There are stories full of adventure, action, developed in school, developed in hospitals and much more that give us the best plots and great moments for the fans.

But there are also some romantic J-Dramas that you must watch if you love stories full of love, here we recommend some of them that you will simply love.

5 romance J-Dramas, you will like their stories full of love

1. Coffee & Vanilla

Year: 2019
Starring Fukuhara Haruka and Sakurada Dori

This drama is based on a manga of the same name and is about a college student who has never had a boyfriend, but she fervently believes in a sweet love that she could find very soon in Tokyo.

Coffee & Vanilla | Twitter: @Questsbooblover

Watch the complete story of 'Coffee & Vanilla' that you will simply love. 

2. Flower and the Beast

Year: 2017
Starring Nakamura Yurika and Sugino Yosuke

This J-Drama is about a girl who comes to a new school, she falls deeply in love with one of her classmates and even gives him her first kiss. Will everything change when she finds out that this boy is a womanizer?

'Flower and the Beast' has a great story which you will love.

3. Last Cinderella

Year: 2013
Starring Shinohara Ryoko and Miura Haruma

This series is about a 39-year-old woman who works as a stylist and although she gives the best looks to her clients, she is quite careless and single. At a party a boy younger than her falls in love with this woman and everything changes when he returns her slipper like Cinderella.

Last Cinderella | Twitter: @SkellyKimberley

Watch 'Last Cinderella' with its amazing story. 

4. Rich Man, Poor Woman

Year: 2012
Starring Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi 

This series is about a millionaire man with a terrible personality, he will soon meet a humble woman who could change his life, will love be born despite their financial differences?

Watch 'Rich Man, Poor Woman' and get to know everything about its plot.

5. Koinaka ~ Best Friends in Love

Year: 2015
Starring Sota Fukushi and Tsubasa Honda

This drama is about a shy boy who soon finds his first love, the girl he was best friends with during his time as a student. Although 7 years have passed, he is still excited for her, will he conquer her this time?

Koinaka | Twitter: @ginny_mar

You'll love 'Koinaka ~ Best Friends in Love', so you better watch this J-Drama.

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