Romance C-Dramas that you must watch Romance C-Dramas that you must watch

Romance Chinese dramas that will melt your heart with their love stories

China has the most romantic stories in its dramas, here we recommend some that will surely make you believe in love

In China there is a lot of talented writers, directors and actors who present the best stories in different series. Here we recommend some romance C-Dramas that will warm your heart with all their love.

Dramas are not only created in Korea, there are stories that are born in countries like Japan, Thailand or China as well. This is why fans of this type of series have a lot of productions to enjoy from each of these countries. Do you have a favourite one? There are great adventures in these series.

But if we focus on China, we will find just great adventures, you will definitely have a lot of fun watching some series from this country. And it is that the country really has enough talent to tell us many stories through these series produced in Asia.

And the best thing is that C-Dramas are not limited to a single theme, you will always find different stories in these series. Although many of the favorite ones are those full of romance and love. And it is that honeyed stories always end up melting our hearts.

If you haven't seen some of these series or want to make your watchlist bigger, then here we recommend some romance Chinese dramas that will make you believe in love once again thanks to their beautiful stories.

5 Romance C-Dramas that will make you fall in love again

1. All Out Of Love

Year: 2018
Starring Ma Tian Yu and Meng Zi Yi

This Chinese drama is about a pair of half-siblings who support each other due to bad situations with their family. Both begin to fall in love but decide to hide their feelings because their relationship will not be accepted by society. Everything changes when he disappears and although she looks for him for a while, she ends up marrying someone else.

All Out Of Love | Twitter: @luzkeyu

You need to watch 'All Out Of Love' to know what happens with its love story. 

2. The Starry Night, The Starry Sea

Year: 2017
Starring Feng Shaofeng and Bea Hayden

In this C-Drama we meet a woman who works exhaustively in the city, so one day she takes time to travel to the beach where she will meet a man who will help her and make her see things from another perspective. Although he hides a secret, she will end up completely falling in love with her.

Watch 'The Starry Night, The Starry Sea' with a lovely story that you'll love.

3. Here to Heart

Year: 2018
Starring Zhang Han and Janine Chang

This drama will take us to know a great story of eternal love, it all begins with a young couple who is forced to end it since she would go to England. 7 years later she returns and has the purpose of recovering the love of her old boyfriend, but it may not be as easy as she thought.

Here to Heart | Twitter: @NancyZdramaland

'Here To Heart' has an amazing story that you must watch.

4. Delicious Destiny

Year: 2017
Starring Mike Angelo and Mao Xiao Tong

This Chinese series brings together two chefs with different styles, he seems cold and reserved. Both get together on a cooking show and although at first they don't get along at all, they end up falling deeply in love.

You'll love the story of 'Delicious Destiny', that's why you must watch it.

5. Nice To Meet You

Year: 2019
Starring Janice Man and Zhang Mingen

This romance drama is about a girl who dreams of being a jewelry designer, which is why she moves to South America to visit the mines. Although there she meets a Chinese jeweler with whom she falls in love. Both will separate, but what will happen when they meet again in China?

Nice To Meet You | Twitter: @Gitarizti

Watch 'Nice To Meet You' which will enchant you with its beautiful love story. 

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