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Quiz: Would you play the villain or the heroine role in a K-Drama?

Would you like to work in a K-Drama? Take this quiz to find out if you would play the villain or the hero of the story.

One of the coolest parts of K-Dramas is the intense stories that involve a malevolous villain. Is really fun to watch our protagonists facing hardship created by the evil character. Sometimes we also end up loving the antagonist role.

We know that the human condition is more complicated than just two options: good or bad. However, we love to see this duality on the screen. Have you wondered what kind of role would you play in one of these series?

A talented actor can play any kind of role, right. Anyways, your own charisma might suit better with the villain, or, do you have the soul of a hero/heroine? Well, it's time to know which role you would be taking.

Don't forget that both characters are really necessary for a great plot. Also, we are not saying that you are a good or bad person, it is just for fun. Are you ready for the show? Here we go!

QUIZ: Which character would you play in a K-Drama?

► Do you like spicy food?

► Do you relate to Aespa's 'Savage'?

► Choose a K-Drama

► Choose a BTS song

► Do you like horror movies?

► Choose a BLACKPINK song

► Choose a Korean actor

That's it! Here comes your K-Drama role.

1. Mostly A: Villian

You have the coolest attitude. You would be playing one of those villains that is hard to hate because of your strong charisma.

Jang Young Nam for 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay / Twitter @TheHallyuFan

2. Mostly B: Hero/Heroine

You have the aura of an angel. You would be perfect to play the sweet and pure protagonists.

Chaeyeon for 'My First First Love' / Twitter @jcheayoon

Don't miss this quiz, it is telling you what kind of K-Drama genre are you living in.

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