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Quiz: Would you fall for the lead or the second male role in a K-Drama?

Can you imagine how what would be like to be in a K-Drama love triangle? Let's check if you are destined to fall in love with the lead or second character.

We cannot leave without the classic K-Dramas love triangles. The awesome romantic series that Korea offers are conquering the world. Let's be honest, no one can avoid not getting engaged by these addictive stories.

Is very common to find iconic love triangles in some of the most famous series. We all were suffering to find out if Kim Jo Jo would choose the good-looking Hwang Sun Ho or the sweet Lee Hye Yeong. Of course, we are talking about the beloved show "Love Alarm".

Of course, this type of drama creates an intense debate on social media about who is the best character, the protagonist, or the second lead role. This controversy is quite important in the K-Drama fanatic world.

It's time to see what would happen if you are the heroine in this type of story. This quiz is telling which handsome role are would be your soulmate. Are you ready to be part of the coolest romantic drama?

QUIZ: Would you fall for the protagonist or the second lead role of a K-Drama?

► Choose the perfect pet 

► White or Black?

► Choose a Song Kang drama

► Choose a Suzy drama

► Do you like spicy food?

► Choose a girl group

► Choose a boy group

► Choose a drama genre

► Do you like horror movies?

That's it! Let's find out who would be your soulmate.

1. Mostly A: Second lead character

You would fall for the lovely second role. He is always by your side supporting you. Is impossible not to love him.

Yook Sung Jae for 'Who Are You: School 2015' / Twitter @mewtawn

2. Mostly B: Lead character

No matter if appears another handsome gentleman, your connection with the lead character would be super strong. The best couple ever!

Nam Joo Hyuk for 'Who Are You: School 2015' / Twitter @kdramanoona_

What is your favorite K-Drama love triangle?

Check here the most famous dramas of this style.

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