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Quiz: Would you become Jeon Somi's best friend forever?

Would you like to be a close friend of Jeon Somi? Let's check if your personality is compatible with the talented Idol.

Name of the youngest K-Pop soloist with the biggest potential. Yes, we were thinking the same, no other than Jeon Somi. Despite being pretty young, (just 21 years old) this skillful lady has already many years in the industry.

In 2015 we saw her in the JPY Entertainment survival show "SIXTEEN". Unfourtanly, she didn't win, so she was included in the TWICE final lineup. However, Somi didn't quit her dream to be a singer.

One year later, she was the winner of the successful show "Produce 101". Finally, Somi started her career as a member of I.O.I in 2016. After the beloved girl group was disbanded, she took some time to prepare for her solo debut.

Nowadays, she is one of the most popular solo singers in K-Pop. Her music is awesome a she is super charismatic. She is a fun and cheerful person. This quiz is telling if you could be her best friend. Is your personality compatible with her?

QUIZ: Would Jeon Somi be your Best Friend Forever?

► Are you a good dancer?

► Are you a dog or a cat person?

► Choose a color

► Choose a Somi song

► Choose a girl group

► Do you play any sports?

► Choose a word to describe yourself

That's it! Count your answers and let's check the result.

1. Mostly A: BFF!

You and Somi have a similar sense of humor. You would be an energetic duet that is always joking around.

Jeon Somi / Twitter @Sommungchi3

2. Mostly B: Friendly Stranger

There is not too much probability that both of you become close friends. However, you would be happy to great each other.

Somi is a friendly person / Twitter @Sommungchi3

3. Mostly C: A Good Chemistry

Maybe you wouldn't spend a lot of time together. Anyways, your personalities are pretty compatible. The best chemistry is here!

Somi, former I.O.I member / Twitter @JeonSomidaily

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