Hwasa for 'Somebody!' Hwasa for 'Somebody!'

Quiz: Would you be the best friend of MAMAMOO's Hwasa?

Can you imagine what would be like to be a close friend of MAMAMOO's Hwasa? This quiz is telling you if you would have good chemistry with the K-Pop star.

Named one of the sexiest singers in K-Pop. We were thinking the same, no other than Hwasa. We are talking about one of the most charismatic female Idols of the moment. Her stage presence is not a joke!

Since MAMAMOO's debut, the talented artist conquered the public with her unique voice. We will never forget her flawless "Mr. Ambiguous" performance while wearing that retro and sophisticated hat.

Eventually, this powerful girl group became one of the most relevant in the game. At the same time, Hwasa built a super successful solo career. Her hits are all over the Internet, such as "María" and "I'm a B".

At the same time, we all love her fun and honest personality. It would be great to be her best friend, right? Let's check if you and this superstar are compatible. Maybe you could become close friends.

QUIZ: Would you become MAMAMOO's Hwasa's best friend?

► Choose a single by Hwasa

► Choose the perfect date with your best friend

► Choose a present for Hwasa

► Choose a Hwasa's collab

► Choose a color

► Choose a music genre

► Choose a MAMAMOO song

Are you ready to know if to have a new friend?

1. Mostly A: Not really

You have nothing in common with Hwasa. Both of you could be a little bit shy around strangers. However, you truly admire her.

Hwasa of MAMAMOO / Twitter @KpopperFanmulti

2. Mostly B: It is possible

Hwasa and you would have the best chemistry. Even from the first encounter, you would have a lot to talk about.

MAMAMOO's Hwasa / Twitter @yongsunschu

3. Mostly C: You're soulmates!

You have a similar sense of humor. That's why you would be always joking around. The best duet ever!

Hwasa for 'Let's Eat Dinner Together' / Twitter @MamamooRD

 Don't miss these awesome collaborations. Hwasa has worked with the best artists in the industry.

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