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Quiz: Would you be best friends with ITZY's Ryujin?

ITZY has very talented members, one of them is Ryujin, will you have enough in common with her to be her friend? Find it out with this quiz

ITZY's Ryujin is just a great girl, her talents have conquered MIDZY, will there be something from you to become her best friend? Our quiz will tell you.

ITZY is an amazing girl group from JYP Entertainment, the young members of this idol group have conquered the world of K-Pop and the stages with their amazing songs and great performances for the fans who do not stop showing their love and support for them.

Among the ITZY idols we can find Ryujin, an extremely amazing girl who dances and sings with great power. She is an artist extremely dedicated to her work and MIDZY finds in her a lot of characteristics to admire at any time. She is just great.

Shin Ryujin also has a beautiful personality that he shows on a lot of occasions and maybe that's also why he doesn't stop conquering the hearts of a lot of fans. Everyone loves and admires Ryujin because of his brilliant talent and great manners.

Do you want to know if Ryujin would be your best friend? Take this ITZY idol quiz to find out. Perhaps you have many things in common with her.

Quiz: Do you have enough in common with ITZY's Ryujin to be her best friend?

What pet do you have or would you like to have?

What do you prefer to do on your days off?

Which of these boy bands do you like the most?

Would you be Ryujin's best friend? | Twitter: @roxi3ee

How do you consider your personality to be?

Which of these girl groups do you like the most?

What flavors do you like the most in food?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A: You'll be just her fan

You have almost nothing in common with ITZY's Ryujin, but she would still love to know that she has such great fans like you. Although they would not be besties, perhaps you could have one of the best memories of the idol.

You'll be just Ryujin's fan | Twitter: @dailyryuselca

2. Mostly B: Just friends

You have some things in common with Ryujin, so you could make friends with this ITZY idol, although their relationship would not be that deep, but they would have a lot of fun together.

You'd be Ryuunjin's friend | Twitter: @dailyryuselca

3. Mostly C: Best friends

You would definitely be ITZY Ryujin's best friend, you have everything in common with her, your personalities and likes are similar, so you would form a friendship that would make everyone jealous.

You'd be Ryujin's best friend | Twitter: @archiveryujin

Ryujin is just amazing and everyone would love to have a friend like this idol. We also have more quizzes for you, like this one about ITZY members

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