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Quiz: Would you be best friends with Doja Cat?

Doja Cat has many fans who would surely love to have a friendship with this singer, take our quiz and find out if you could be her bestie

Wouldn't it be great to have a friendship with Doja Cat? She is not only extremely talented, she also has a very fun personality. Take our quick quiz and find out if you could get along with this rapper.

Doja Cat is one of the most relevant singers in the music industry, her songs are leaving a mark on more and more fans who do not stop supporting and admiring everything about her work. Doja has endless fans all over the world who are in charge of putting her on top.

There is much that we can admire about Doja, of course there is first and foremost her wide talent and great mastery of music. She is not only dedicated to interpreting her songs, she is also a great songwriter who puts all her emotions, feelings, thoughts and experiences into each of her tracks.

We can also see that Doja Cat has a great personality, she is just very funny, she likes to express her thoughts without censorship. She is free and intelligent and we love to see her interactions with fans and with the whole world. That she be outgoing and never stop if she wants to tell her ideas to the world.

It would be great to be friends with this singer, don't you think? Well, find out with our quiz if you have enough in common with her to have a cute friendship with Doja Cat.

Quiz: Do you have enough in common with Doja Cat to be her best friend?

If you could work in any of these fields, what would it be?

If you could travel back in time, which of these times would you go to?

What music genre do you usually listen to the most?

Wpuld you be Doja Cat's friend? | Twitter: @DojaAccess

 What word defines you as a friend?

What do you like the most about Doja Cat?

Which of these animals do you have as a pet?

 Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz!

1. Mostly A: You'd be just Doja Cat's fan

You don't have a lot in common with Doja Cat, that's why she might not consider have a friendship with you. But anyways, she'll love to know that you're her fan and that you support her music.

You'd be just Doja's fan | Twitter: @LUVMYHEAD

2. Mostly B: You'd be Doja Cat's friend

You have a lot of things in common with Doja Cat, soo.... it might mean that you'd be her friend. Both would share those things that you two love the most and then have some great moments together too!

You'd be Doja Cat's good friend | Twitter: @dramaforthegirl

We have another quiz for you, if you're a true Kitten, then test your knowledge about Doja with this one. 

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