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Quiz: Would you be best friends with BLACKPINK's Rosé?

Can you imagine being a bestie of any of the members of BLACKPINK? Our quiz will tell you if you would be best friends with Rosé

We love and admire the talents and personalities of BLACKPINK idols, would you like to be best friends with Rosé? That would be great, our quiz will tell you if you are a good candidate.

BLACKPINK has amazing idols among its ranks, one of them is Roseanne Park, a complete artist who is not only dedicated to singing and dancing. Her passion for music has existed since she was a child and she learned to sing and play instruments from a very young age inspired by her favorite artists.

As her dad noticed Rosé's passion for music, he took her to audition for YG Entertainment when the agency had auditions in Australia, that's how she was selected and soon traveled to Korea to start her time as a trainee. Rosé managed to debut with BLACKPINK and that's great.

Rosé also has a beautiful personality and great charisma. She is friendly and a very good friend, she has shown it with the friendships that she has in K-Pop. This idol gets along very well with Girl's Day's Hyeri and TWICE's Chaeyoung, surely BLINK would also love to be this BP artist's bestie.

Well, if you would like to be Rosé's best friend, take this quick and fun quiz to find out if this BLACKPINK member would really see you as a bestie or just a fan.

Quiz: Could you be BLACKPINK's Rosé's best friend?

Which of these boy groups do you like the most?

Apart from K-Pop, what other genre of music do you like the most?

Which of these places would you love to visit?

What type of boys/girls do you prefer?

Would you be Rosé's friend? | Twitter: @bngpiics

 What instrument do you play or would you like to play?

Choose the fruit that you like the most

Who is your bias wrecker in BLACKPINK?

Did you write down all your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A: You'll be just her fan

You don't have a lot in common with BLACKPINK's Rosé, that's why you'd be just her fan and not her friend:(. But she'll love to meet you anyways <3.

You'll be just a Rosé fan | Twitter: @hourlybpinks

2. Mostly B: Best friends

You have a lot of things in common with Rosé, so you'll be her best friend, you'll have incredible adventures with her, won't that be amazing?

You'd be Rosé's best friend | Twitter: @skzpinkfiles

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