Take this Olivia Rodrigo's quiz! Take this Olivia Rodrigo's quiz!

Quiz: Would you be Olivia Rodrigo's best friend?

Wouldn't it be great to become Olivia Rodrigo's bestie? Find out with this quiz if you could be it

Olivia Rodrigo is an amazing singer with a beautiful personality and we would love to become friends with this artist, could you too? Our quiz will tell you.

Olivia Rodrigo is a great artist, we love many of her songs which she not only sings, but is also part of the creative process of these tracks as she is the writer of many of her tracks. This is why this singer has managed to connect very well with the audience.

Maybe you already have your favorite Olivia song, some of her tracks have stayed in your mind for a long time and you have definitely jammed with her amazing songs. But Rodrigo also has an amazing personality that has enchanted millions of fans around the world.

So we not only admire the amazing work that Olivia Rodrigo does in music, but also the great personality and brilliant charisma that she has and that is reflected on many occasions, especially with her fans who love, support and admire her so much.

Surely many Livies would like to become friends with Olivia Rodrigo, it would be something phenomenal, so in this quiz we will tell you if you have enough in common with her to be her bestie.

Quiz: Would Olivia Rodrigo consider you her friend or just a fan?

Which of these boy bands is your favorite?

What do you usually focus on the most when you go out with your friends/crush?

Which of these singers do you like the most?

Could you be Olivia's friend? | Twitter: @jennadaily_

 What accessory should not be missing when you go out?

Which of these classes would you take?

Choose the song that you like the most

Did you write all your answers? Let's check the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A: You'd be Olivia's best friend

You have a lot in common with Olivia Rodrigo, that's why she would definitively love to spend time with you and get to become friends, wouldn't that be amazing? You'd be her best friend.

You'd be Olivia's bestie | Twitter: @Iivsari

2. Mostly B: You'd be only Olivia's fan

You don't have a lot in common with Olivia Rodrigo, that's why she would see you just like a fan. That's amazing too since she'll love you as much as you love her.

Olivia Rodrigo would see you just like a fan | Twitter: @stereoliv

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