We have a new TXT Quiz for you We have a new TXT Quiz for you

Quiz: Who in TXT would be your best friend forever?

MOA loves TXT and know its members very well, but there must be one of the who has more in common with you and he could be your best friend

Our quiz will tell you who in TXT would be your best friend, so take the chance to know who would be your bestie to have the greatest adventures with.

TXT is a young idol group full of talent, HYBE reunited 5 amazing guys who are a part of this K-Pop band, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beongyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai show all of their musical abilities everytime; on studio or on stage, these idols shine bright.

But Tomorrow X Together's members also captivate fans thanks to their personalities, some of them might be cool, sweet, cute or even kinda savage, but MOA loves everything about them and how sincere they're are at any given moment.

Who wouldn't love to get to meet TXT's members? And maybe have a long chat about life or things, and with time become great friends and share more experiences, adventures and moments together. It would be a dream for fans to do it and be the confidant of one of their favorite artists.

Well, maybe if you have a lot in common with one of the idols from Tomorrow X Together, you'll get along with him and become his best friend, find out who would it be with this quiz.

Quiz: Who in TXT will have a perfect friendship with you?

Which one of these activities would help you to relax?

How would your friends describe you?

What's your favorite color?

Who's your TXT's best friend? | Twitter: @TXTChartData

Besides TXT, what else is your favorite K-Pop group?

Which one of these animals do you like the most?

How would you show your affection when a friend feels down?

Who from TXT would be your best friend? | Twitter: @aespaMYunion

Did you write your answers down? Let's see the results of this quiz!

1. Mostly A: Soobin

Your personality and interests match with the ones of Soobin, TXT's leader who would be your best friend. You'd totally love each other and have one of the best friendships ever.

Soobin would be your TXT's best friend | Twitter: @archivesoobin

2. Mostly B: Yeonjun

Yeonjun would be your match, both of you have the same personalities and hobbies, interests, a lot of things in common that would make a great friendship between the two of you.

Yeonjun is your best friend | Twitter: @TXTPlCS

3. Mostly C: Taehyun

I'm pretty sure that you and Taehyun have a lot in common and it leads both of you to have an amazing friendship, both will make an amazing duo which everyone would love everytime.

Taehyun would be your bestie | Twitter: @TXTPlCS

4. Mostly D: Beomgyu

Beomgyu is an incredible guy who has a lot in common with you, so he would be your best friend without any doubt; both share the same hobbies and interests, so you'll have great times together.

Beomgyu would be your best friend | Twitter: @TXTPlCS

5. Mostly E: Huening Kai

You're just as cute as Huening Kai, and both have a lot in common, so he would be your best friend for sure. Sharing their love in the best way and making a tender duo that would make our hearts explode.

Huening Kai would make the best friendship with you | Twitter: @TXTPlCS

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