Who is your soulmate from TWICE? Who is your soulmate from TWICE?

Quiz: Who in TWICE would be your soulmate?

You might have a lot in common with one of TWICE's member, which one is your soulmate? Find it out with this quiz

Every TWICE member has a unique personality and yours might match with one of these idols, maybe one of the is your soulmate. Take our quiz and discover the truth.

TWICE has a lot of fans all over the world, people who loves, respects and supports the idols from this girl group all of the time. These artists have gained fans' hearts thanks to their music and amazing on stage presence, they have amazing shows.

But TWICE members get all of the attention for their personalities too, even if they're pretty different, we can always find someone who'd be more serious, some other would be funny and have this cheerful phase that ONCE loves. The uniqueness of the idols is really good.

TWICE's girls have also shown a lot more about them, those hobbies and interests which have a bif part of their lives when they're not working. Each one of these artists has a different story and origins and that's what make them just be the way they are.

And you might have a lot in common witrh a member from TWICE, find out who'd be your soulmate with this funny quiz which we prepared.

Quiz: Which member from TWICE is your soulmate?

Which word describes you the most?

If you could be an expert on one of these which one would you chose?

Which one of these is your favorite color?

Who in TWICE is your soulmate? | Twitter: @GirlgroupsBR

What will you do in your free time?

How would you qualify your level of friendliness?

What kind of personality do you have?

Are you ready to meet your TWICE's soulmate? | Twitter: @TWICEintcharts

 Did you write your answers down? Let's see the results of this K-Pop Quiz!

1. Mostly A: Mina

Your soulmate from TWICE is Mina, you and this idol have a lot of things in common, so... You'll match perfectlu and understand each other in the best way.

Mina is your soulmate from TWICE | Twitter: @teudoongies09

2. Mostly B: Sana

You have a lot in common with Sana from TWICE, that's why you'd be the perfect match for her, her soulmate for sure, it'd be really fun to see you both together.

Sana is your perfect match from TWICE | Twitter: @teudoongies09

3. Mostly C: Momo

TWICE's great dancer, Momo, would be your soulmate since you both are pretty compatible. I guess you'd have an amazing chemistry with her.

Momo is your soulmate | Twitter: @teudoongies09

4. Mostly D: Tzuyu

Tzuyu is TWICE's maknae, and she also is your soulmate since you're very similar to her on differet things like your personality and different tastes.

Tzuyu would be your soulmate | Twitter: @teudoongies09

5. Mostly E: Nayeon

Your personality and interests match with the ones of Nayeon, that's why she'd be your soulmate, you'd understand her in the best way and both would have an amazing relationship.

Nayeon is your TWICE's soulmate | Twitter: @teudoongies09

6. Mostly F: Jeongyeon

You're similar to Jeongyeon and that's why you'd understand each other perfectly, she's just like you and she'd understand everything what's going on your mind.

You'd be Jeongyeon's soulmate | Twitter: @teudoongies09

7. Mostly G: Jihyo

TWICE's leader would be your soulmate, you have a lot in common with Jihyo, an amazing and dedicated idol who'd understand you in the best way.

Jihyo and you are soulmates | Twitter: @teudoongies09

8. Mostly H: Dahyun

Dahyun is one of the rappers from TWICE, and you have a lot in common with her, that's why she'd be your soulmate and you'd share the best moments together.

Dahyun is your soulmate | Twitter: @teudoongies09

9. Mostly I: Chaeyoung

You have a lot of things in common with Chaeyoung from TWICE, like your personality and tastes are pretty similar to the idols' ones. So, she'd be your soulmate.

Chaeyoung is your perfect match | Twitter: @teudoongies09

Is your bias in TWICE also your soulmate? Keep taking more quizzes, we have this one that'd tell you how would you get BTS Jungkook's attention. 

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