Who is your perfect BTS' boyfriend? Who is your perfect BTS' boyfriend?

Quiz: Who in BTS would be the perfect boyfriend for you?

BTS members are so lovely and ARMY can't help it, fans have fallen in love with them, but, who would be the perfect boyfriend for you? Find it out with this quiz

Maybe you have one bias from BTS, but, are you really compatible with him? Maybe your soulmate is any of the other members from this boy band, take the quiz and get to know your perfect boy friend from Bangtan.

There are a lot of things that we can appreciate from BTS members, the seven of them are full of talent, as singers, dancers and rappers have their own shine that birghts powerfully on studio and on stage; the music from this K-Pop group makes everyone love its idols.

But we can enjoy and get to know more about the members of this group throgh their personalities and diferentes sides, they will show their dualities and mor of their personality on some other contents like videos, variety shows, intervies and much more.

And we can't forget about Bangtan Sonyeondan's visuals, the idols have a unique beauty and style that ARMY loves to admire, these artists are really handsome with their special features. Bangtan Boys have a gorgeous presence that will make fans' hearts flutter.

So, maybe you have your own bias from BTS, but you might be more compatible with one of the idols, and he would be the perfect boyfriend for you, find him out on this quiz.

Find out who would be your perfect boyfriend from BTS with this quiz

Where would you like to travel on your next holiday?

What do you usually do on your free time?

What kind of gift would you appreciate the most?

Who's your perfect boyfriend from BTS? | Twitter: @BTSChartDailyx

Which word describes you the most?

What kind of lover are you?

Who is your favorite BT21 character?

Find out who in BTS would be the perfect match for you | Twitter: @BTSChartDailyx

 Did you write your anwsers down? Let's take a look at the results!

1. Mostly A: RM

Kim Namjoon, aka RM, is yout perfect match, since you both have a lot of things in common, some interests and hobbies; and also you have something that this idol needs in his life, so he would be your perfect boyfriend.

RM would be your perfect boyfriend from BTS | Twitter: @Sheisthe_King11

2. Mostly B: Jin

Jin from BTS is a lovely guy who would totally be your perfect boyfriend, you too match and fit really well and would have one of the best relationships ever, he's your soulmate.

Jin is your perfect match | Twitter: @Sheisthe_King11

3. Mostly C: Suga

Min Yoongi, or Suga might look as someone introverted, shy, kinda serious or even cold, but the reality is that he has some amazing feelings and as you suit him well, he would totally love you.

Suga would be the best boyfriend for you | Twitter: @Sheisthe_King11

4. Mostly D: J-Hope

One of the best dancers of BTS is J-Hope, and he has an amazing personality always positive and cheerful, so he would be your perfect boyfriend and you two would have an amazing life together.

J-Hope matches perfectly with you | Twitter: @Sheisthe_King11

5. Mostly E: Jimin

Jimin is a lovely idol, he's delicate and dedicated, he loves to sing and dance, so... He would totally be you perfect boyfriend since you both have some things in common and would complement each other.

Jimin would be your perfect boy | Twitter: @Sheisthe_King11

6. Mostly F: Taehyung

V or Taehyung has a lot in common with you, so he would be the berfect boyfriend for you and you'll have great moments by his side, it would be so cool to share everything with this idol.

Taehyung is you perfect boyfriend from BTS | Twitter: @Sheisthe_King11

7. Mostly G: Jungkook

Who wouldn't love to date Jungkook? He's simply sensational, but you get to be close to him since you two share a lot of things in commen such as interests or hobbies, so he would be your perfect boyfriend.

Jungkook will be a great boyfriend for you | Twitter: @Sheisthe_King11

Maybe this quiz will make you change your bias in BTS, or did you get the result that you were waiting for?

Get to know more about BTS and its members, here we tell you how old was Jungkook when he auditioned for the first time. 

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