Who from SEVENTEEN's Vocal Team would you date? Who from SEVENTEEN's Vocal Team would you date?

Quiz: Who from SEVENTEEN's Vocal Team would date you?

SEVENTEEN has the best vocalists that are part of its Vocal Team, would any of them ask you out? Our quiz will tell you

The members of SEVENTEEN specialize according to their abilities and this is how the group formed its Vocal Team, with the best vocalists in its lineup, could it be that you are destined to date one of these talented singers? Find it out with this quiz.

SEVENTEEN not only impresses the world with their music and performances, but also with the great teamwork that this K-Pop group does. Although it has 13 members, and it might be difficult to work with all of them, the truth is that they have managed to assign the activities in the best way and make all these idols shine.

To make the organization of SVT easier, the group has 3 subunits in which we can find the members distributed according to their specialties. Whether as singers, dancers or rappers, it's how all the boys in the group came together. Thus we find the Vocal Team, with the expert vocalists of SEVENTEEN.

The SEVENTEEN Vocal Team has Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan, members who have proven to have simply impressive voices, with different styles and tones, but who always give a special touch to each track of the group. In addition to also having beautiful personalities that completely conquer CARAT.

Also, we can't forget about the visuals of these amazing singers, so if you already chose your SEVENTEEN Vocal Team bias, it could be that you can go on a date with him, what would it be like? Find it out with our fun quiz.

Quiz: Which member from SEVENTEEN Vocal Team would go on a date with you?

What do you ussually do on your days off?

Which color do you use to wear in yout clothes?

 Which word describes you the most?

Who from Vocal Team would date you? | Twitter: @SVTGlobal

 Which of these foods do you enjoy the most?

Which of these places would you like to visit?

 Which of these is your favorite drink?

Who from Vocal Team would you date? | Twitter: @sooniebean

 Did you write your answers down? Let's check the results of this quiz!

1. Mostly A: Woozi

You are very compatible with Woozi, this is why this member of the SEVENTEEN Vocal Team would ask you out, can you imagine having a date with him in his studio? It will be very exciting!

You'd date Woozi | Twitter: @svtpcscans

2. Mostly B: Jeonghan

You would definitely catch the eye of Jeonghan who would ask you out, what kind of date would be fun with this idol? Perhaps a quiet and relaxed afternoon close to nature like a picnic in the park.

Jeonghan would date you | Twitter: @jeonghanszone

3. Mostly C: Joshua

The gentleman from SEVENTEEN would fall for you and obviously ask you out, maybe have a romantic date night at some great candlelit restaurant and you'd just end up completely charmed by Joshua.

Joshua would be your perfect date | Twitter: @svtpcscans

4. Mostly D: DK

DK has this innocent and fun spirit full of energy that is definitely very compatible with you, what could you do with him on a date? Maybe some fun-filled outdoor activity, or just staying home with a movie marathon and lots of food.

You'd have a perfect date with DK | Twitter: @caratstalk

5. Mostly E: Seungkwan

Seungkwan would be your explosive duo as you both have very similar personalities and interests so he would definitely ask you out, can you imagine where you could go? A karaoke date would be the most fun for both of you.

Seungkwan would date you | Twitter: @jhhs7777

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