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Quiz: Which song on Doja Cat's Planet Her best suits your personality?

Doja Cat's 'Planet Her' is about to be a year old, but she left us the best tracks, which one is perfect for you?

Doja Cat is an amazing singer and 'Planet Her' proved it to the fullest, which song on this album is for you? Find out with this quiz.

Doja Cat has been gaining huge popularity and fame in recent years and this is thanks to the great songs that she has released. Among her biggest hits we can find 'Say So' that went viral on TikTok due to its amazing rhythm, lyrics and others that made everyone dance.

More recently, although it's almost a year since this, Doja delighted us with a new album, it's 'Planet Her' with a lot of great songs that everyone loved. From 'Kiss Me More' which was the first single of this musical production to 'Alone', the last of her tracks were great for her fans.

'Planet Her' also brought Doja Cat new achievements and awards, with 'Kiss Me More' she got her first Grammy and it's something the fans are super proud of. And it is that other tracks like 'Woman', 'Ain't Shit' and others also became quite popular and loved by the general public.

If you still can't get over Doja Cat's 'Planet Her', then here's a quick quiz for you to find out which of her songs is a perfect match for your personality.

Quiz: Which song from Planet Her by Doja Cat is perfect for you?

Choose the word that defines you best

What do you enjoy the most in Doja Cat's songs?

What is your relationship with your ex-partner?

Doja Cat's Planet Her | Twitter: @DojaNews

How long is the longest your love relationships have lasted?

Choose the color that you think goes best with you

Choose the Doja Cat song that you like the most

Did you write down all your answers? Let's see what results this quiz brings us!

1. Mostly A: You Right

It seems like sometimes you'd like to get into polyamory and that'd be cool if it suits you, so... Maybe 'You Right' by Doja Cat ft.The Weeknd is the song that represents your feelings better.

2. Mostly B: Need To Know

Maybe you like more freedom and experience your sexuality in many ways, that's why 'Need To Know' is a perfect song for you, if you want it, you can get it, isn't it?

3. Mostly C: Kiss Me More

You are someone with a lot of love to give and who also loves to receive it, so 'Kiss Me More' could be a song for you. You don't like relationships without commitment so much and you prefer to have someone loyal by your side.

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