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Quiz: Which song from TXT's Thursday's Child goes best with you?

TXT's 'Thursday's Child' album has great songs, find out which one is perfect for you with this quiz

TXT's most recent comeback surprised us all and we love all the songs on 'Thursday's Child', which one is the best for you? Here we tell you with our quiz.

TXT is a young K-Pop group with great talents among their ranks, the best thing is that this idol group has also been daring and has several great concepts that have attracted the attention of a lot of fans and the general public. His growth is remarkable in each comeback.

The idols of Tomorrow X Together work hard to be able to show their best with each new release. This year they had their first comeback with 'Thursday's Child', an album with 5 songs that have the best of the artists that are part of this boy band.

MOA received 'Thursday's Child' with great excitement and the group has gained many new fans now that they have released their new songs. There is a wide variety of beats, lyrics, rhythms and more in the tracks of this new TXT mini album, so there is a song for every mood.

Which 'Thursday's Child' song will go best with you? Take our TXT quiz to find out, answer these questions very honestly.

Quiz: What's your TXT Thursday's Child song?

Apart from K-Pop, what other genre of music do you like the most?

What kind of movies do you like to watch the most?

Which TXT member is your favorite?

Which Thrusday's Child song is better for you? | Twitter: @TXT_bighit

 What feelings do the songs of Thursday's Child convey to you?

What did you like the most about TXT in Thursday's Child?

Which of these other TXT songs do you like the most?

Did you write your answers? Let's see the result of the quiz

1. Mostly A: Good Boy Gone Bad

The title track from 'Thursday's Child' goes best with you, 'Good Boy Gone Bad' is like a part of your personality according to our quiz, so enjoy this great song!

2. Mostly B: Trust Fund Baby

'Trust Fund Baby' is such a calm song, but it's filled with some emotions that we can feel too, it's kinda sad and it also reveals some kind of lack of confidence, but it has a cool beat and amazing lyrics.

3. Mostly C: Lonely Boy

We loved 'Lonely Boy', even if it's kinda nostalgic and sad, it has this cool beat and amazing lyrics, great rythm which shows us the adaptability of TXT idols.

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