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Quiz: Which song from SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun best suits your personality?

SEVENTEEN's 'Face The Sun' is a no skip album, but which song will go better with you? Our quiz will tell you

CARAT loves all the songs found on 'Face The Sun' but maybe one of these SEVENTEEN tracks might relate to you the most and our quiz will reveal it to you.

SEVENTEEN is having a successful comeback with 'Face The Sun', their most recent full lenght album released in May 2022. In it we can find great songs like 'Darl+ing' the idol group's first single in English that is also contained in this music production.

SVT is also taking the stage of Korean music shows with 'HOT', the title track of 'Face The Sun' which has won two wins so far, one from M! Countdown and another on Music Bank. With 'FTS', SEVENTEEN will also kick off their world tour, though now they only have dates confirmed for the US, Canada, and Korea.

There is much that we can appreciate in 'Face The Sun' and that is that all the songs on this album are OT13, with the participation of all the members of SVT. There are also different genres, styles, lyrics and even different inspirations in each of their tracks. It really is a pretty complete album.

And before the repackage is released, find out which of the 'Face The Sun' song is perfect for you, discover your SEVENTEEN track on this album with our quick and fun quiz.

Quiz: Which song from SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun is perfect for you?

How do you feel today?

Which of these musical genres do you like the most besides K-Pop?

What is your favorite SEVENTEEN subunit?

Which is your song from Face The Sun? | Twitter: @vvernonsvt

 Which of these SEVENTEEN songs do you like the most?

Which of these words best defines you?

Who of these SEVENTEEN members is in your top bias?

Did you write all your answers? Let's find out what results this quiz has! 

1. Mostly A: HOT

Face The Sun's title track is your song, you're as 'HOT' as this song, it suits your personality and tastes, release the dance cover, please!

2. Mostly B: March

We love 'March' it has a very cool and rebel vibe, it reminds us of rock songs, and it's perfect for you. Woozi made a great job with this amazing track.

3. Mostly C: Ash

The last song on 'Face The Sun' is 'Ash' and it's just great, it fits you well, it has this amazing and badass attitude.

Aw! We know we left out great songs like 'Don Quixote' or 'Shadow', but well, this quiz cannot be endless, LOL, we loved every song from Face The Sun. And we have more quizzes for you like this one which will tell you which SVT's rapper would date you. 

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