Take this Nayeon's quiz! Take this Nayeon's quiz!

Quiz: Which song from Nayeon's debut solo best suits your personality?

TWICE's Nayeon released 'Im Nayeon', her debut album is just great, which of her songs suits you best? Our quiz will tell you

Nayeon has charmed millions of fans with 'Im Nayeon', this idol's debut solo with simply great songs. She takes this quick quiz and find out which one of them is perfect for you.

Im Nayeon is one of the members of TWICE, this girl has proven to be extremely talented, an excellent singer and dancer with her girl group. She spent quite a bit of time as a trainee before debuting and finally showed us all of her skills as a part of her band.

Nayeon had not only shown her powers as an artist as part of TWICE, she had also done so alone in some projects of the idol group. Like 'Melody Project', where this idol released some covers of Ariana Grande and more that showed us her musical abilities individually.

And finally in this 2022, Nayeon was able to shine even more as a solo artist with 'Im Nayeon', her debut album that brought us great songs. Among them we find 'POP!' which is the title track of this release. But there are also other tracks that fans really loved.

Which of Im Nayeon's songs do you think is perfect for your personality? Here we have a quiz that will give you the track that best suits your personality, what song does Nayeon sing thinking of you?

Quiz: Which Nayeon's Im Nayeon song is perfect for you?

What do you like most about listening to music?

Choose the snack that you like the most

What do you like to do in your free time?

Which of these words is most related to you?


What do you like the most about Nayeon?

What musical genre do you like the most?

Choose your favorite color

Did you write down all your answers? Let's see the results of this quiz

1. Mostly A: POP!

The title track from 'Im Nayeon' is perfect for you and your cheerful personality, 'POP!' gives that energyu which is sometimes not pretty contained in you, you're a sunshine!

2. Mostly B: No Problem

STRAY KIDS' Felix and Nayeon worked together on 'No Problem', a song with which we can dance and feel free, and that's what you are, someone with passion and freedom, this song is perfect for you.

3. Mostly C: Sunset

We love 'Sunset' it's a calmer song, with the beautiful voice of Nayeon, it gives us some vibes from you, totally! And we know that you enjoy this track a lot.

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