SEVENTEEN's Performance Team SEVENTEEN's Performance Team

Quiz: Which song by SEVENTEEN's Performance Team suits your personality the best?

SEVENTEEN has nothing but great tracks! Take this test to find out which song by the Performance Team was made to describe your personality

The K-Pop sensation, SEVENTEEN, just turn 7 years old. Is not easy for the K-Pop Idols to break the seven years curses. However, after releasing how much they love the group, all 13 members re-signed their contract with PLEDIS Entertainment.

Right now, the singers of "Ready To Love" are the second best-seller among Korean musicians. These good-looking Idols have a wide catalog in their discography. They can basically sing about everything.

We saw them singing about video games with "GAM3 BO1", about having a good time on the off days with "Holiday" and of course the beautiful breakup story of "Don't Wanna Cry" has to be mentioned.

Well, the Performance Team by itself also has tried a lot of styles. We are sure that among their song there is one that could fit your personality perfectly. All you need to find out which track, is paper and 5 minutes. Here we go!

SEVENTEEN's Performance Team / Twitter @haothinks

QUIZ: Which Performance Team song describes your personality?

► What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor?

► Choose a fruit

► Choose a K-Drama

► Choose a SEVENTEEN members

► What animal describes your personality?

► Among these girl groups, which one is your favorite?

► What color are you wearing right now?

Okay, that's all. Now, let's check your result. Are you ready to enjoy your song?

1. Mostly A: Lilili Yabbay

You're super creative! Writing, painting, or whatever artistic expression you'd try would be perfect for you. Your skills can conquer the world.

2. Mostly B: PANG!

Everyone loves your positive energy. Among your friends, you're the most cheerful. Your mindset is the best!

3. Mostly C: 247

Life is way better with love. You're super romantic and a devoted lover. Even if you're single you're waiting for your soulmate. You deserve to be loved by the just by the best person.

4. Mostly D: HIGHLIGHT

Your determination is not a joke! Once you set a goal you'll work hard until getting what you want. You have nothing but passion for the things you enjoy the most.

Did you like Face The Sun? Let's check which song of the latest SEVENTEEN album is perfect for you.

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