What would be your role on a K-Pop group? What would be your role on a K-Pop group?

Quiz: Which role would you have in a K-Pop group?

Have you ever imagined having your own K-Pop group? Maybe you could form one with your friends, find out what position you would have with our quiz

In K-Pop we can find very talented artists and maybe you are also as bright as the stars of this South Korean musical genre, you can find out what role you would occupy in a group with this fun quiz.

K-Pop fans have a lot to appreciate about their favorite groups: vocalists with amazing ranges, snappy rappers with punchy verses, dancers whose moves could impress anyone. In addition to visuals that let us see all the beauty that these artists from the music industry have.

The best thing is that the talent of fans of this South Korean music genre is replicated with their own talents, with covers, dance groups and even fanarts that exploit the creativity of fans who enjoy K-Pop and keep supporting a lot of bands on this genre.

This is why it might be fun to know what role we could have in a K-Pop group, according to our abilities and even personalities that could give us a perfect position to work in an idol group. Maybe you have a hiddent takent and you'll be able to discover it.

So if you want to know what role you would have in a K-Pop group, take this fun quiz and find out, maybe you have the same position as your ultimate bias or you can discover a new talent hidden in you.

Quiz: Would you be a rapper, dancer, or vocalist in a K-Pop group?

Which of one these words best defines you?

What place is perfect for a meeting with friends?

Which of these activities do you prefer to do in your free time?

Which would be your position on a K-Pop group? | Twitter: @ARMYonSpotify

 Which of these non-K-Pop artists do you like the most?

Which of these places would you like to visit?

Which of these idols do you like the most?

Will you be a singer, dancer o rapper? | Twitter: @reveallthetime

Did you write your answers down? Let's check the results of this quiz

1. Mostly A: Vocalist

Surely you are an amazing singer and have not been able to exploit your skills, you would have the position of vocalist in a K-Pop group, with a fresh style that would give a cool touch to each song of the group.

You'd be a great vocalist just like Seungkwan, DK and Woozi | Twitter: @SVT_Fancafe

2. Mostly B: Dancer

The dance floor is your natural habitat, you would be a great dancer who with great force would take the stage and make it his own at all times. Your creativity for dance is just great and everyone would notice it with your presence on stage.

You'd be an amazing dancer like JK, Jimin and Hobi | Twitter: @Fijia_7

3. Mostly C: Rapper

Your creativity and personality are perfect for being a rapper in a K-Pop group, you would surely write the coolest verses and execute them with simply amazing speed.

You'd be a good rapper just like I.M and Joohoney from MX | Twitter: @moneovisions

It sure would be cool to belong to some K-Pop group, so it was fun to take this quiz, right?

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