Where would Suga take you to in Korea? Where would Suga take you to in Korea?

Quiz: Which place in Korea would you visit with BTS' Suga as your tour guide?

Can you imagine how would it be to take a trip in Korea with Suga from BTS? Take our quiz and find out where would he take you to

Wouldn't it be cool to hang out with one of the BTS' members in South Korea? ARMY dreams about this, and you can find something nice to do with Suga with this fun quiz.

We can say that BTS has helped Korea's tourism a lot, since they became so popular, a lot of people wants to visit their hometown and get to know more about the culture there. South Korea is a great country with lots of places to visit and a lot of history to learn.

It's known that Bangtan Sonyeondan idols are proud of their nation, they have showed a lot about the country with their photos, stories, a lot of posts. These artists have also worked as ambassadors for Korea, so there's a lot about them and their nation for ARMY.

Can you imagine how would it be like to visit this country? Maybe you can meet BTS' idols in the street, or hanging out in a random place. Of course, this would be a dream for fans who'd love to get an autograph of the idols or even just say 'Hi'.

But how would it be like to hang out with Suga as your tour guide in Korea? This fun quiz will tell you which place would you visit with the BTS rapper.

Quiz: Which place would you visit with Suga in Korea?

What kind of places do you like the most?

What would you like to learn in your trip to Korea?

Why would you chose Suga as your tour guide?

Would Suga be your Korean tour guide? | Twitter: @Begumbe45202504

Which one of these colors do you like the most?

What's your main plan about traveling to Korea?

What place or event would you like to go with Suga?

Did you write your answers? Let's see the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: Daegu

Daegu is Suga's hometown and maybe he'll love to show you more about this place in Korea, it's good too for you, you'll feel confortable there.

You'd visit Daegu with Suga | Twitter: @SeoulExplore

2. Mostly B: Seoul

It's better for you to have the best of two worlds, Seoul has nature but it's also the most important city in Korea, so Suga will take you there and show you everything about this place.

Seoul is your place | Twitter: @kseorin_b71

3. Mostly C: Jeju Island

Jeju Island is a fun place to go, with a lot of attractions for you, so Suga can take you there and you both will have a great time.

You'd go to Jeju Island with Suga | Twitter: @nununyom

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