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Quiz: Which of his songs would V of BTS dedicate to you?

The songs that Taehyung has released are beautiful, which one would be for you? Our quiz will tell you

BTS' V has released some solo songs that ARMY loves to listen to, do you think the idol would dedicate any of them to you? This quiz will tell you what it would be.

BTS is a group with very talented artists, one of them is Kim Taehyung who has served as a vocalist and dancer in this amazing K-Pop group. Taehyung gives his voice a unique and special touch to each song that Bangtan releases. But he has also shown his talents as a soloist.

Taehyung has worked on some OSTs for K-Dramas and has also released some other songs as a solo artist. This is why we know more about the talent of this great artist even far from his group and his brilliance explodes even more by having songs for himself with different styles than Bangtan Sonyeondan.

So V's talent has been embodied in a lot of amazing songs and ARMY really loves to listen to them, not only because of the melody and amazing voice of the idol, but also because of the sweet lyrics of each track that really make speed up the fans' hearts.

What song would Taehyung dedicate to you? Find out with this quick and fun quiz that will give you the perfect V song for you. Enjoy all the talents of this BTS idol.

Quiz: Which BTS' Taehyung song would he especially dedicate to yourself?

What kind of person are you?

What do you like the most about Taehyung?

Apart from K-Pop, what other genre of music do you listen to?

Which one of his songs would Taehyung sing for you? | Twitter: @vminangels

 Which of these gifts would you like to give Taehyung?

What kind of date would you like to have with V?

What relationship would you like to have with Taehyung?

Did you write all your answers? Let's see the results of this quiz

1. Mostly A: Winter Bear

Taehyung would dedicate 'Winter Bear' to you, that's the perfect song to define your relationship and maybe tell you a little bi more about his feelings for you.

2. Mostly B: Sweet Night

Taehyung would have pure feelings for you and 'Sweet Night' would be the perfect song for him to sing to you.

3. Mostly C: Christmas Tree

Maybe you had a encounter with V but you don't have a relationship at all, the truth is that there was love at first sight, so 'Christmas Tree' would be dedicated for you.

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