Take this Proof's quiz! Take this Proof's quiz!

Quiz: Which of BTS' Proof new songs was written for you?

BTS' 'Proof' has 3 new songs for ARMY, which of them suits you best? Our quiz will tell you

Which of the new BTS songs is your favorite? They all have a different vibe, take this quiz to find out which one best suits your personality.

BTS finally had its long-awaited comeback with 'Proof', a great anthology that takes us through the history of the idol group from its beginnings to the most recent times through all its songs. Bangtan's music has conquered millions of people who totally enjoyed this new album.

But 'Proof' also lets us have a glimpse into the present and future of Bangtan Sonyeondan with 3 new songs contained in this anthology. The idol group surprised with a different style in each of these new tracks. Of them, the title track of the comeback was chosen, which is 'Yet To Come'.

ARMY has surely already chosen his new favorite Bangtan Boys track and that is that all 3 of them are extremely great, although in 'Yet To Come' ARMY is putting more of his effort into streaming and placing it at the top of the charts worldwide as the title track on this BTS comeback.

But which of the songs on 'Proof' is perfect for you? Maybe BTS wrote it especially for you, find out with this quick and fun quiz we made for ARMY.

Quiz: Which of BTS' Proof new songs best matches your personality?

What do you do in the face of changes in your life?

Which of these words best defines you?

Which BTS soloist do you like their songs the most?

What do you like the most about BTS songs?


Which of BTS's English songs do you like the most?

How do you feel right now?

How do you consider your personality to be?

Did you write down all your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A: Yet To Come

We think that 'Yet To Come' is perfect for you, this song represents the future which is full of hope just like you. You're not afraid to change and that's great too.

2. Mostly B: Run BTS

'Run BTS' gives us this amazing vibes, and it inspires some kind of courage with its lyrics and rythms which are perfect for you who might be seen as someone introverted but girl! You got the guts and we know it.

3. Mostly C: For Youth

There are a lot of things that we love about 'For Youth', we feel like BTS is singing with purpose in this one and of course it matches you well, you're amazing and even if something might represent a fear for you, you can overcome it!

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