SEVETEEN's Performance Team SEVETEEN's Performance Team

Quiz: Which member of the SEVENTEEN's Performance Team would be your dance teacher?

Are you trying to improve your dancing skills? SEVENTEEN will help you. This quis is telling you which member of the Performance Team would be your dance teacher.

Let's be honest, all the members of SEVENTEEN are super skillful dancers. Is not easy to believe that the 13 members could get the 'lead dancer' title. The proof is their shocking performances. These Idols offer the most complicated show in the industry.

However, the best dancers in the group are part of the Performance Team. We are talking about the greatest performers of SEVENTEEN, so their abilities are on the next level.

Would you like to learn from the best teachers? Hoshi, Jun, THE8, and Dino, would be the perfect Idols to help you to improve as a dancer. All of them are experienced professionals who also would love to help CARAT.

Of course, you would have to practice a lot just like they do. We are telling you who would be your good-looking teacher. Look for comfy clothes and let's start with the lesson. Are you ready to dance with the Performance Team?

QUIZ: Which member of the Performance Team would be your dance teacher?

► Choose a color

► Choose a SEVENTEEN song

► Choose a member of the Hip Hop Team

► Choose a music genre 

► Choose a song by the Performance Team

►Choose an ice cream flavor

► Choose a boy group

Are you ready to meet your dance teacher?

1. Mostly B: Hoshi

Be ready for intense practice. Hoshi is a perfectionist dancer, but a very considerate person.

2. Mostly B: THE 8

THE 8 would help you to improve your artistic creativity. You would explore new styles with this talented teacher.

3. Mostly C: Jun

Jun is a super charismatic dancer. The lesson would also help you with your facial expressions.

4. Mostly D: Dino

Dino is a very passionate performer. of course he would be a hard-working teacher as well.

Did you know that Vernon is a cat lover? Read here some fun facts about the rapper of SEVENTEEN.

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