Take this 3RACHA quiz! Take this 3RACHA quiz!

Quiz: Which member of STRAY KIDS' 3RACHA would go on a date with you?

Would you like to date one of the STRAY KIDS rappers? Our quiz will tell you who your soulmate is in 3RACHA

STAY would love to date any of the STRAY KIDS members and the 3RACHA guys might choose you and ask you out. Which rapper from SKZ would date you? Find out with this quick and fun quiz.

STRAY KIDS has some extremely talented and dedicated music artists among its lineup. The best thing about this idol group is that its members have an active participation in the creation of their songs, which makes each track even more special for the faithful fans of this boy band.

Mainly the 3RACHA subunit, who are the SKZ rappers who came together even before debut and created music since their time as trainees. Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han tap into their creativity and skills as songwriters and producers for their K-Pop group.

There is much we can admire about the STRAY KIDS rappers and each one has their own characteristics and elements that make them unique. In addition to the fact that they bring a personal and special stamp to each song of the idol group. They also have cool, fun personalities and bright charismas that STAY is captivated by.

So if any of the 3RACHA members from STRAY KIDS are your bias in the group, then take this quick quiz to find out who among them would date you.

Quiz: Which STRAY KIDS' 3RACHA rapper would you date?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Which of these colors do you prefer?

Besides STRAY KIDS, which one of these groups do you like the most?

Which 3RACHA member would you date? | Twitter: @captainCB97s

 Which of these countries would you like to travel to?

What kind of friend are you?

Choose something you would like to eat today

Did you write your answers? Let's check the results of this quiz

1. Mostly A: Bang Chan

You have a high compatibility with Bang Chan, that's why he'd ask you out and we're sure you two would have an amazing date, it'd be great since both of you have similar interests and personalities.

You'd date Bang Chan | Twitter: @hnjiqkka

2. Mostly B: Han

Han would ask you out, you'd take his attention since you like the same things he likes and that'd be cool for him, to share his time with someone who understands him well.

Han would date you | Twitter: @inskzgram

3. Mostly C: Changbin

You have a lot of things in common with Changbin so you two would have a perfect date, where would you like to go with him? We know that everyplace would be fun if he's there.

Changbin would ask you out | Twitter: @i08shayne

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