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Quiz: Which member of Red Velvet would be your vocal coach?

The members of Red Velvet are super skillful vocalists. One of these ladies would be a great vocal coach for you.

Usually, the K-Pop groups have specific roles for each member. There is the main vocalist, a lead dancer, and a visual. Is not easy to find a group where all the Idols could be the lead singer. Well, Red Velvet is one of those uncommon groups.

The five members have perfect vocal techniques. Of course, they have distinctive styles but all of them have beautiful voices. Wendy is well known as one of the best singers in K-Pop tanks to her insane ability.

However, the rest of the group is really skillful. Joy, Irene, Seulgi, and Yeri have been training a lot as well. They have a lot of experience as vocalists, so we are sure that these beautiful Idols would be awesome vocal coaches.

Do you want to improve your singing skill? You can learn a lot with Red Velvet. This quiz is telling your which member would be helping with your lessons. Let's meet your new vocal coach!

QUIZ: Which Red Velvet member would be your vocal coach?

►Choose a 'velvet' song

► Choose a girl group

► Choose a color

► Chose a boy group

► Chose a music genre

► Choose an Ice cream flavor

► Chose a 'red' song

That's it! Are you ready for the first lesson?

1. Mostly A: Seulgi

Seulgi's ability is wonderful! She would help you even with some basic vocalization exercises. You will improve a lot.

Seulgi singing / Twitter @heroes_twt

2. Mostly B: Yeri

Harmonies would be your specialty after taking some lessons with Yeri. Also, you'll have a great time with this cheerful teacher.

Yeri performing 'Bad Boy' / Twitter @heroes_twt

3. Mostly C: Irene

Irene would help you with your high register. You will be hist those difficult high notes pretty soon.

Irene of Red Velvet / Twitter @coupsAbidi

4. Mostly D: Joy

One of the most important aspects of singing is the emotional interpretation. Joy would help you to put pour more feeling into your performance.

Red Velvet's Joy / Twitter @exovelvetdaily

5. Mostly E: Wendy

Wendy would teach you how to find your own style. You'll conquer the crazy vocal runs that this powerful teacher usually does.

Wendy of Red Velvet / Twitter @xowendydaily

Wendy can play the guitar very well. Check here some other K-Pop Idols who are pretty skillful as well.

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