Who from BTS is destined to be your soulmate? Who from BTS is destined to be your soulmate?

Quiz: Which member of BTS would be your soulmate?

Surely ARMY has already chosen their BTS bias, but will fate bring them together? Find out if he is your soulmate with this quiz

Perhaps many fans fell madly in love with the members of BTS, will any of them be your soulmate? Find it out with this fun quiz.

BTS has millions of fans and their songs and performances are usually just great. With each letter they touch the hearts of their fans, with each show they move the heart of ARMY. Although there is much more than we can admire about the artists that make up this K-Pop group.

And it is that the personalities and charismas of the members of Bantgtan Sonyeondan have also managed to attract the attention of many followers who go a little deeper to know each facet of the Bangtan idols and discover much of their great hearts, feelings, emotions and thoughts .

Also, we can not forget about their amazing visuals, the beauty of the Bangtan Boys is simply impressive and that sometimes the camera does not do it justice. But ARMY does not stop finding each and every one of the fine physical characteristics of these artists attractive.

And surely you have already chosen your BTS bias, but will he be the one for you? Find out which of the idols of this group would be your soul mate with this fun quiz.

Quiz: Who from BTS is your soulmate?

Besides BTS, which of these artists/groups do you like the most?

Which of these classes would you take?

Which of these animals do you like the most?

What do you do to cheer up your friends?

Who is your BTS' soulmate? | Twitter: @myzense

 In which of these places do you spend the most time?

How do you consider your personality to be?

Who is your BTS bias?

Did you write your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz!

1. Mostly A: Jungkook

You have more in common with Jungkook from BTS, this would make you the soulmate of this idol. Your personalities and interests are the same or similar, they are perfect for each other.

Jungkook would be your soulmate | Twitter: @Vantaegi95

2. Mostly B: Taehyung

You share a lot of likes and interests with Taehyung from BTS, so he would definitely be your soul mate. You would complement each other perfectly with this artist because you have a lot in common.

V is your soulmate | Twitter: @Vantaegi95

3. Mostly C: Jimin

Jimin has a beautiful way of being, almost the same as yours, that is why they would understand each other very well, you could be soul mates destined to have a future together.

Jimin is a match for your soulmate | Twitter: @Vantaegi95

4. Mostly D: Suga

Your soul is connected to Suga because you have many things in common with this rapper. Your tastes and personalities are very similar so you two would be a perfect match and have a lot of chemistry.

Suga would be your soulmate | Twitter: @Vantaegi95

5. Mostly E: Jin

There is a lot of you that is reflected in Jin so they could complement each other very well, he would be your soulmate without hesitation and you could share many of the things you have in common.

Jin is your soulmate | Twitter: @Vantaegi95

6. Mostly F: J-Hope

Together with J-Hope you would shine even more, their auras and souls connect thanks to all the things they have in common, both their interests and their personalities that would complement each other very well.

J-Hope is perfect for you | Twitter: @Vantaegi95

7. Mostly G: RM

The understanding between you and RM would be amazing, they would also have great chemistry thanks to the fact that he would be your soulmate, how would your destiny be next to this incredible artist and human being?

RM is your soulmate | Twitter: @Vantaegi95

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