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Quiz: Which member of BLACKPINK would you go shopping with?

Can you imagine spending a whole day shopping with your favorite BLACKPINK member? This quiz will tell you which of them you'd hang out with

The members of BLACKPINK are not only amazing in music, they are also amazing in fashion and going shopping with them would be a dream for BLINK, which of the girls would be your shopping partner? Find it out with this quiz.

BLACKPINK's impact extends beyond music as this K-Pop girl group has millions of fans around the world. The fandom of these idols is not only dedicated to music and among their tastes we also find fashion, jewelry, beauty, style and much more.

This is why BLACKPINK has collaborated with many fashion, makeup, and other brands so that their audiences share more of their tastes with idols and carry BP's style everywhere in their daily lives. This is why even the members of this idol group are very important brand ambassadors.

Dior, Chanel, Celine, Yves Saint-Laurent and more brands work with the members of BLACKPINK. Fashion is no stranger to these artists who have a unique and unrepeatable style. This is why BLINK not only sees girls as icons in music, but also in fashion.

Can you imagine going shopping with any of these members? It would definitely be cool, so take this fun quiz and find out which of the BLACKPINK idols would go shopping with you.

Quiz: Which member of BLACKPINK would you spend an entire day shopping with?

How do you usually dress?

Where in your house do you usually spend more time?

What is the most important thing for you when you buy clothes?

Who from BLACKPINK would go shopping with you? | Twitter: @lisasuprmcy

What fashion-related activity would you love to do?

Which of these fashion brands do you like the most?

Who's your BLACKPINK bias?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A: Jisoo

Jisoo would definitely go shopping with you since you have very similar styles and you like one of the brands she works with. So it would be your best company to spend all your money on new clothes.

Jisoo is your shopping date | Twitter: @ladyjisoos

2. Mostly B: Jennie

Your tastes in fashion, shopping and so on are just like Jennie, so you would definitely spend a whole day shopping with a lot of fun and a new look for both of you.

Jennie would go shopping with you | Twitter: @theseoulstory

3. Mostly C: Rosé

You and Rosé have a lot in common and would definitely have the best day of shopping, your styles get along very well and both of you could recommend appropriate clothes to buy and wear later.

Rosé would be your shopping partner | Twitter: @_rosiesyndrome

4. Mostly D: Lisa

You will love spending a day shopping with Lisa, who would give you the best tips for your fashion style. Perhaps you would buy some simple clothes to modify later.

You'd spend the day shopping with Lisa | Twitter: @blackpinkjewels

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK, do you have your lightstick for the next concert of this girl group? 

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